Privacy Basics

From holiday photos to our purchasing history to personal correspondences, our emails contain a great deal of sensitive information. It is therefore vital to keep your inbox and messages secure. This is more difficult than it first appears, as email
With the proliferation of smartphones and social media, cyberstalking is on the rise. Compared to traditional stalking, cyberstalking can be a more threatening form of aggression as cyberstalkers can hide behind the anonymity of the internet and terr
Whether you’ve had enough of Big Tech companies monetizing your personal data or just found somewhere else to shop, here’s all you need to know to permanently close your Amazon account. The “Everything Store” is everywhere. Amazon has grown into a d
HTTPS IS THE BACKBONE THAT KEEPS EVERYONE SAFE AND SECURE ON THE INTERNET. HOWEVER, IT DOES LITTLE TO PREVENT YOU FROM BEING TRACKED ONLINE. When you surf the web, you connect to websites using the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP), first developed
An email address is your portal to the internet. Without one, you can’t use most of the services available on the web. Research from the Radicati Group shows that most of us have multiple email addresses, with the number of addresses per email user i
If you’re struggling to think up strong passwords you can remember for your online accounts, here’s a simple, secure solution — for you and the whole family. You’ve heard the security advice: “Create a unique, strong password for each account”. But
With so much of your life spent on the internet, an organized inbox isn’t just a matter of being tidy — it’s about being productive and focusing your attention on tasks that really matter. The average office worker receives around 121 emails and send
Your personal email address is an essential part of your digital identity. Like your phone number, you don’t give it to everyone you meet. That’s why it’s useful to have other email addresses you can use for different purposes. But you may not want
Anonymity is not the same thing as privacy, and confusing these related but different concepts can weaken your online threat model.  * Anonymity – Keeping your identity private, but not your actions. For example, using a pseudonym to post messag
Privacy services often rely on strong encryption to protect privacy and confidentiality. Some terms that you have heard probably include AES, RSA, or maybe even elliptic-curve cryptography (ECC). However, is encryption actually bulletproof and a guar
Privacy and anonymity are often tossed about as synonymous terms but they are actually related ideas that represent different things. Put simply: * Privacy is freedom from observation or attention. * Anonymity is freedom from identification or rec