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Privacy basics

From job applications to business contracts, we use email to send and receive sensitive documents on a daily basis. However, email has certain vulnerabilities, like any technology. If you receive emails, you need to make sure they’re genuine and not
Outlook’s emails use standard encryption out of the box. Learn how to use enhanced encryption to send more secure messages and the best Outlook alternative if you’re looking for genuine privacy. Like most free email providers, Outlook can’t guarante
Gmail is not end-to-end encrypted, and Google retains access to all your emails. Here are five steps to make Gmail more secure and the best alternative if you’re looking for genuine privacy. We explain why Gmail is not completely secure or private,
It’s always a good time to assess your security. We’ve shared some of our most important cybersecurity guides to help.  At Proton, your security is our top priority. We believe your data belongs to you and you alone, which is why we protect it with
Password-protected emails
Emails you send with most email providers aren’t private. We explain how to add password protection or enhanced encryption to messages in Gmail and Outlook and how to send a genuinely private email with Proton Mail. You can password-protect emails i
Send encrypted email in Gmail
Gmail uses standard encryption by default, so your messages aren’t private. We explain how to use enhanced encryption in Gmail and the best alternative if you’re looking for genuine privacy. If you have a free email account from a big provider like
why use private email
Private email is not just about blocking prying eyes or avoiding creepy online ads. Privacy is a basic human right that you need to protect yourself and ultimately defend your freedom, whoever you are, wherever you live. Your personal email is part
Cryptocurrency scams have cost people over a billion dollars — and they’re only becoming more prevalent. Learn what to look out for to avoid being scammed yourself.  The Washington Post recently reported that over $1 billion was lost to cryptocurren
The most private and secure way to communicate online is by using end-to-end encryption. If you send an end-to-end encrypted email, it’s encrypted on your device (your iPhone, Android, or laptop) and isn’t decrypted until it reaches the device of the
Short Message Service (SMS), also known simply as text messaging, has been with us since the birth of mobile phones (the first-ever text message was sent over the Vodafone network in 1992).  SMS is supported by almost every mobile network provider i
Email protocols explained IMAP and SMTP are protocols used by email clients to send and receive secure emails.  POP3 is a legacy standard that is used less and less often these days. * SMTP * IMAP * POP3 * APIs * Proton Mail and SMTP, IMAP, an