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Proton Mail protects your communication and has everything you need to easily manage your inbox

Need secure email for work? Discover Proton for Business.

Proton Mail's labels, filters, and spam filter.
Proton Mail's labels, filters, and spam filter.

Stay protected on the go with our mobile apps

The ease and security of Proton Mail on all your devices

Proton Mail is integrated with Proton Drive and Proton Calendar

Your inbox is yours

We don’t spy on your communication to show you targeted ads. In fact, we encrypt all your emails so it is impossible for us to access them. Your inbox; your rules.

Rigorous encryption

Your entire inbox is secured, even on mobile devices. No one can read your emails but you. Proton is privacy, ensured by end-to-end encryption and zero-access encryption.

Unmatched protection

We offer strong phishing, spam, and tracking protection for all your communication.

Do more with Proton Mail

Your Proton Account gives you access to a powerful ecosystem of free apps designed to protect your privacy
Proton Calendar
Your schedule is a record of your life. Keep it private with our easy-to-use calendar.
Proton Drive
Securely access and share your files with cloud storage that gives you control of your data.
Proton VPN
Access censored content and keep your internet activity private and secure with our high-speed VPN.

Your inbox, your way

Personalize your inbox and get through your messages faster
<h5>Customize your inbox&#39;s look</h5>

Customize your inbox's look

Fully personalize your inbox by selecting your favorite layout, folder colors, and themes — including dark mode.
<h5>Switch to Proton in one click</h5>

Switch to Proton in one click

Moving your existing emails, contacts, and calendars is easy. Our Easy Switch tool handles it all in a single click.
<h5>Stay organized </h5>

Stay organized

Create labels, folders, subfolders, and filters to help keep your inbox organized. Use filters to sort incoming emails automatically.
<h5>Work faster with keyboard shortcuts</h5>

Work faster with keyboard shortcuts

Use our optimized keyboard shortcuts, designed to be intuitive and help you get everything done faster.
<h5>Your own address with your own domain name</h5>

Your own address with your own domain name

Set up addresses with your own domain name for a personalized email address or get an address.
<h5>Manage your online identities</h5>

Manage your online identities

Create multiple addresses linked to the same account and effortlessly send, manage, and filter emails with any of them.

Simple, user-friendly design and features

While built for privacy and battle-tested, Proton Mail has also won praise for our digital design. With its modern, intuitive layout and advanced features, Proton Mail is recognized for its unparalleled ease of use.

Proton Mail web and mobile app.

Get your encrypted inbox with Proton Mail

How Proton Mail gives you an advanced inbox

Get Proton Mail for Business

Proton Mail's end-to-end encryption can protect your organization's communications.

A secure solution for businesses

Roughly 58% of cyberattack victims are small businesses, and email is the most common attack vector. Proton Mail can also protect your organization.

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Proton provides customer support you can depend on. We work across multiple time zones to provide 24/7/365 support. At Proton, it is always possible to reach a real person and get a real solution.