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You should be able to choose what happens to your data. With Proton, only you can read your emails.

Your favourite features, plus privacy

Big Tech, such as Gmail, makes money by scanning your emails and collecting your data so it can target you with ads. Proton Mail believes your emails belong to you. We do not track your data or show ads. And we provide all the features you need to quickly manage your workflow and organize your inbox.

Comparison of Proton Mail and Gmail
Inbox featuresProton MailProton MailGmailGmail
Pay for more storage and products, 
starting at $3.49/m
You pay with your privacy
Your favorite Gmail features
Works on all your devices, great mobile apps
Free Calendar included
Privacy first: no data harvesting
No ads
End-to-end encryption
Blocks trackers and marketers from spying on you
Free VPN included
Protected by strong Swiss privacy laws

Proton Mail plans and pricing

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Proton Free

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No credit card required
Save 20%

Mail Plus

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30-day money-back guarantee
Premium value included
  • Mail
  • Calendar
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Proton Unlimited

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30-day money-back guarantee
Premium value included
  • Mail
  • Calendar
  • VPN
  • Drive
  • Pass
Save 20%

Proton Family

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Premium value included
  • Mail
  • Calendar
  • VPN
  • Drive
  • Pass

Keep your conversations private

Thanks to Proton Mail's end-to-end encryption and zero-access encryption, nobody besides you can read your messages. It's not just we won't spy on your emails — we can't.

Keep trackers out of your inbox

Proton Mail automatically blocks all spy trackers found in promotional emails, preventing senders from spying on your mail activity.

Quickly unsubscribe from newsletters

Keep your encrypted inbox clutter-free and remove yourself from mailing lists with one click.

Organize your schedule privately

Create events, send invitations, and set reminders while keeping all details of your calendar private.

No ads. Ever.

We'll never show privacy-invading ads. The only way we make money is through paid subscriptions to our premium plans.

Open source and audited

All Proton Mail apps are open source and audited by independent experts. Anyone can verify our apps do what we claim.

Join the Proton community

Proton is more than just an email service. We're at the forefront of a movement that's fighting for a better internet.

Protected by strict Swiss laws

Protected by strict Swiss laws Proton is based in Geneva, meaning your emails are protected by Switzerland's data protection laws, some of the strongest in the world.

Switch to Proton in one click

Moving your existing emails, contacts, and calendars to your. new secure inbox is easy. Our Easy Switch tool handles it all in a single click.

Proton Mail protects your privacy but also has the features you need to quickly and easily communicate and collaborate.

The World Wide Web and Proton were born at CERN.

Our story begins at CERN, where the web was born

Proton was founded in 2014 by scientists who met at CERN and united over a shared vision of a more secure and private internet. We are scientists, engineers, and specialists working to protect civil liberties online.

Everyone deserves a better internet where privacy is the default.

We believe a better world starts with privacy

Proton is building a better internet where privacy is the default. By choosing and advocating Proton, you stay in control of your data and join a community of millions who believe privacy is worth fighting for.

100 million users trust Proton with their privacy

In less than 10 years, Proton has grown from a small community to a privacy-first ecosystem, with more than a 100 million satisfied users. See what they have to say about us.

A top choice

"If you’d like to reclaim at least some of your privacy, consider switching to an encrypted email provider that puts your security first, like Proton Mail. Its wealth of added features combined with effective end-to-end email encryption makes Proton Mail an Editors' Choice winner for email encryption service."

PC Mag, 2023

Twitter user

Just exported 20 years of Gmail and imported to Proton Mail - then deleted it all in Gmail.

Quite soon, Google will no longer know who I am.

Jack Dorsey
Twitter co-founder

My favorite email service

Mark Ruffalo
American actor and producer

I love my ProtonMail

Twitter user

My Choice for a Gmail alternative? @ProtonMail - Been using a paid account for over 2 years and it's great. Good customer service also!

Twitter user

I moved to @ProtonMail 2 years ago and never looked back. The feeling of freedom you get when you know you are not being tracked is uplifting.

Twitter user

I'm a big fan of @ProtonMail! They kept the light on for small tech, independent mail service providers while nobody else seemed to give a damn.

Twitter user

You get what you pay for. In the case of big tech, if you pay nothing, you get used. I quit using Gmail and switched to @ProtonMail

Millions of people worldwide trust Proton Mail to keep their communications private.

Choose an email that is secure and private by default.