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✓ Enhance security with integrated 2FA and Pass Monitor

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        Privacy first

        You control your data. Our battle-tested encryption guarantees not even Proton can access your data. 

        Advanced security

        Protect your accounts with integrated 2FA and Pass Monitor, our security suite that alerts you on breaches from dark web monitoring, monitors password health and missing 2FA.

        Identity protection

        Keep your real email address hidden from spammers and companies that profit off your data.

        Sharing made safe

        Create multiple vaults to share and organize your login data securely. Revoke shared access to vaults at any time with one-click.

        Easy sign-in

        Advanced autofill technology and unlimited logins synced on unlimited devices makes signing in a breeze with Proton Pass. Passkeys are also supported on Proton Pass.

        Free forever

        Proton believes in privacy for everyone. We are community funded and put our users first. Enjoy our free tier plan to get started.

        Join over 100 million people who trust Proton to secure their personal data.

        Nauri Steins
        4:15 PM, June 28, 2023

        @ProtonPrivacy @Proton_Pass It's actually amazing! Everything works very smoothly. Design, stunning. So far I love it! Well done, guys!

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        10:42 AM, July 14, 2023

        Holy crap @ProtonPrivacy quietly dropping Proton Pass to the masses with desktop, app & browser extensions all looking sleek & performing flawlessly. My sketchy last pass account is finally deleted... What a relief! Thanks to Proton Team & community 

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        Access all our privacy-first services

        Proton’s mission is to build a better internet where privacy is the default. Each one of our services help you secure your online life, with Proton Pass gain access to each of these services.

        • Proton VPN – Keep secure and browse privately.
        • Proton Drive – Keep your files and photos in our secure cloud storage.
        • Proton Mail - End-to-end encrypted email.