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Proton Mail(nuova finestra)‘s enhanced tracking protection is enabled for all users by default. This feature protects your privacy from snooping email senders and gives you greater peace of mind.

What are spy trackers?

Companies often include an email tracker in newsletters and other marketing material they send you. 

This is a powerful marketing tool that involves inserting an image into an email in the form of a remote image URL. When you open a message containing a tracker, the linked image is loaded from the source server, and sensitive information can be sent back to the sender. This can include:

  • Whether the email containing the tracker has been opened
  • Date and time of opening
  • Device type and operating system
  • In some cases, even your IP address and geographic location

This information can then be collected and used to profile you and target you with personalized ads. 

Some email trackers are almost invisible — they come in the form of small transparent images that are solely used to collect additional information about you.

Infographic showing how email trackers work
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How Proton Mail protects you

If you open an email containing trackers, we will remove them from the email and notify you. Just look for a small tracker icon on the email. Our enhanced tracking protection feature is enabled by default for all users.

Email tracker icon showing the number of emails blocked
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Click on the tracker icon to find out more about the trackers that were blocked. 

Modal showing the number of email trackers blocked
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We also download other remote images on your behalf using a proxy with a generic IP address and geo-location, thus hiding your personal information.

This feature is enabled by default. To disable it, click Settings → Go to settings → Proton Mail → Email privacy and turn the Block email tracking switch off.

Block email tracking switch turned off

If Proton can intercept remote images inside my email, does it mean Proton actually reads my emails?

We check for remote image URLs client-side to ensure they are viewed through our proxy. No message content aside from the URLs themselves is visible to Proton.

Learn more about end-to end-encryption when using Proton Mail(nuova finestra)

Should I still prevent remote content from loading automatically?

It is safe to automatically load remote content when email tracking is blocked. This allows you to enjoy the extra context provided by images, while staying safe from trackers.

To enable remote content, click SettingsGo to settingsProton MailEmail privacy and ensure the Ask before loading remote content switch is turned off.

Ask before loading remote content switch turned off
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However, please be aware that the Ask before loading remote content setting in the web app is synced with our mobile apps, so if you disable the settings in the web app, it will also be disabled in your mobile apps. Enhanced tracking protection is currently only available in the web app, so if you use our mobile apps, we recommend keeping Ask before loading remote content switched on.

Ask before loading remote content does not sync with Proton Mail Bridge. If you use Proton Mail Bridge, you can disable loading remote content manually in your email client, but our enhanced tracking protection feature will not work in your email client.

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