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Import and export passwords

Proton Pass is arguably the first password manager to be built by a dedicated encryption and privacy company, leading to tangible differences in security. For example, while many other password managers only encrypt the password field, Proton Pass uses end-to-end encryption on all fields (including the username, web address, and more).

Proton Pass is also secure. It uses a strong bcrypt(new window) password hashing implementation and a hardened implementation of Secure Remote Password(new window) (SRP) for authentication. Proton Pass is also one of the first password managers to include a fully integrated two-factor authenticator (2FA)

It also supports 2FA autofill, making it easier to use 2FA everywhere, as this is one of the most effective safeguards for your online accounts.

Like every other Proton service, Proton Pass is open source and publicly auditable, so anyone can independently verify our security features and their implementation.

Proton Pass makes it easy to migrate from other popular password managers, with built-in support for importing passwords and other data from the following applications:

We are always working to expand this list.

You can also export your Proton Pass data and import it into other password managers, or keep it as an offline backup. 

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