How to report a bug using our web app

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If you’ve found a bug in Proton Mail, you can report it directly to us. In this article, we look at how to report a bug using our web app (browser).

Learn how to report a bug in our mobile apps(new window)

How to report a bug using our web app

1. Log in to Proton Mail at window). Click on your account name Report a problem.

2. Fill in our bug report form.

Describe your problem

Please include the following details in your report:

  • Email address: Your address is added automatically.
  • Category: Select the closest match from the dropdown menu.
  • What happened: A description of the error. This should ideally include a description of the bug, plus any other information that might be useful (such as what happened just before the issue occurred). If the bug is reproducible, a step-by-step record of exactly what actions result in the bug would be a great help.
  • Attach screenshots: If possible, please upload screenshots that show the bug.
  • System information: Basic system information is sent to us automatically when you file a bug report. Click the arrow next to System information to view the information being submitted.

3. Click Submit when you are done.

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