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How can I create a strong password?

A password generator is essential to creating strong and unique passwords. A good password generator should:

  • Offer numerous customizations to adapt to any website's requirements.
  • Allow you to choose between random passwords and passphrases. A passphrase like Sloppily8-Rosy3-Unlocking8-Angelic4 is made up of unrelated words and is easier to type and remember. This is helpful for apps where you need to type your password or on websites for account recovery purposes.
  • Integrate with a password manager so you don't need to remember hundreds of different passwords.

What makes a password strong?

A strong password is one that is difficult to guess or crack. It should have these characteristics:

  • Long: A strong password should be at least 12 characters long, but 15 or more is better.
  • Random: A strong password uses a combination of different letters, numbers, and symbols. Together they form an unpredictable string of characters that’s impossible to guess.
  • Unique: You should never reuse the same password on two different websites or apps. However strong your password is, if a website gets hacked, a bad actor can use the same password to gain access to another account.

A strong password isn't enough

Generating a strong password is only half the equation. You also need to protect your username, which is often your email address. Your email is a valuable piece of information for hackers, who can use it to target you with malware and phishing attacks. Proton Pass protects your email address by generating aliases in addition to strong passwords.

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Proton Pass Free offers more than any other free password manager. Generate unlimited logins and notes, and access them on unlimited devices. Plus, create up to 10 hide-my-email aliases.

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Protect more than just your passwords

Proton Pass provides more security for free. Protect your privacy online with an included VPN service and end-to-end encrypted cloud storage.