Share long videos securely with Proton Drive

Share long video files of all sizes and formats with Proton Drive. We protect all your videos with end-to-end encryption, so no one (not even us) can watch them except you and the people you share them with.

Send long videos without compromising on quality

Proton Drive doesn’t impose any limits on the size of your files. This means you can upload and share long videos in uncompressed formats such as AVI, and Proton Drive won’t compress them in any way.

You can also share your file-sharing link with as many people as you like because Proton Drive doesn’t have any limits on how many times your files can be uploaded or downloaded.

Upload and share large videos from any device

You can seamlessly upload video files from your phone to Proton Drive using our mobile apps, freeing up storage space on your phone and making your files easily shareable. When you upload your video files to Proton Drive, they sync across all your devices and will be available wherever you log in.

You can access Proton Drive from your browser or with our Proton Drive apps for iPhone and Android.

Secure online video storage and file sharing

Once you’ve securely uploaded your video files to Proton Drive you can share them with anyone by using a file sharing link. Anyone you share your secure file-sharing link with can access your video file, even if they don’t have a Proton Drive account. Your files remain protected with end-to-end encryption the whole time.

Share your videos securely


Share large video files

Learn how to share large video files easily without compromising on video quality or security.

Share large files securely

You can easily share large files using Proton Drive’s end-to-end encrypted sharing links.


How to share encrypted files

Learn the best methods for safely sending encrypted files to your trusted contacts.

Enhanced protection for your videos

Proton Drive offers advanced security options for your video file storage and sharing. You can choose to password-protect the link to your shared video files to ensure only the people you authorize can access them.

And you can add an expiration date for your file-sharing links, after which no one can access or download your video.

You can also shut down your file-sharing link at any time.

Protect your files with Proton Drive

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