Proton drive

Share large files securely

You can easily share large files using Proton Drive’s end-to-end encrypted sharing links.

Proton Drive doesn’t impose any size limits on your uploads, so you can easily share large video files, documents, and photos.

Upload your large files to Proton Drive

Proton Drive doesn’t impose any file size limits and supports large files of all formats, so you can share your work without losing quality. You can use Proton Drive to upload:

  • Large videos (AVI and MOV)
  • Uncompressed image formats (TIFF or RAW)
  • Large PDFs
  • Executable files (EXE and APK)
  • and more

Private file sharing for large files

Stay in control of your large files even after you’ve shared them with Proton Drive’s private file-sharing links.

Proton Drive automatically protects all of your file-sharing links with end-to-end encryption, meaning no one can access them without your unique link.

You can revoke access to your shared link at any time, protect your links with a password, or set a date for your link to automatically expire.

Send large files for free

Unlike other free file-sharing services, Proton Drive doesn’t impose limits on:

  • The size of your files
  • The number of downloads per file-sharing link
  • The number of file-sharing links you can create

With Proton Drive, you can upload large files and share them with as many people as you want. All your file sharing links are automatically protected with end-to-end encryption.

Unlimited large file transfers

Proton Drive allows you to easily transfer large files to anyone using a secure file-sharing link that’s end-to-end encrypted. Your recipients do not need a Proton Drive account to download shared files, and your shared files can be securely accessed from any device.

Proton Drive allows unlimited downloads of your file using its link, so you can share your file with as many people as you want.

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