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At Proton, we’re always working on new and innovative ways to protect the privacy and data of the Proton community. Sometimes that means developing entirely new services, like our Proton Sentinel program, which combines AI and human security analysts
In June 2023, we were excited to launch Proton Pass, our identity manager and one of the most requested services from our community.  But launching Proton Pass was only the first step on our long journey, and we know the only way forward is to take
Today, we are making the Proton Sentinel high-security program available to anyone who wants the highest level of account security protection and support. If you are subscribed to a Proton Visionary, Lifetime, Family, Unlimited, or Business plan, yo
Your email has become a prime target for advertisers seeking valuable information about your online activity. Many advertisers try to track you using spy pixels, which we recently discovered are present in over half of all emails. These pixels allow
At Proton, we want you to be able to choose what happens to your personal information, which is why we’ve built a suite of encrypted services that put you in control. An integral part of giving you control is explaining exactly how our services work,
At Proton, we aim to create a privacy-centric internet that empowers people worldwide to regain control of their digital lives. Today, we’re excited to announce our next step toward this better internet with the launch of the long-awaited Proton Driv
We’re happy to announce the global launch of Proton Pass, available now as a browser extension on most major browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Brave, and more) and iPhone/iPad and Android. As the name suggests, Proton Pass is a password manager, one o
At Proton, our mission is to make online privacy the default for everyone. This is why we offer a 100% free plan for all our products. Proton doesn’t show you ads or sell your data — we rely on subscriptions to our premium products to fund our servic
Today, we’re introducing Proton Family, our all-in-one plan to protect your family’s privacy.  When you’re a parent, you do everything you can to prepare for the unexpected and keep your family safe. But extending this protection online is difficult
When you use Proton Drive, you’re often entrusting us with files that are irreplaceable: the deed to your home, your work contract, or family photos. We take this duty seriously, which is why we’re happy to announce Proton Drive’s new version control
Once you’ve created your Proton Mail account, you might still choose to keep your Gmail account active to ensure you don’t miss any messages. This used to mean checking two inboxes and exposing some of your messages to email trackers. Not anymore. Y