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The Proton community is the foundation upon which Proton has been built. To put it simply, without you, there could be no Proton. You contributed to our very creation with a record-setting crowdfunding campaign that raised over $500,000. By working t
You’ve probably seen by now that Proton Pass, our new password manager, was added to the Proton ecosystem. Earlier this month, Proton Pass entered public beta for Proton community members on our Lifetime and Visionary plans, and with it came a brand-
Proton Pass is an end-to-end encrypted password manager based on the same well-tested encryption that secures the rest of the Proton ecosystem. Proton Pass is unique in that it was designed from the ground up to have a strong focus on privacy and sec
Today, we’re happy to announce another significant milestone in the growth of the Proton ecosystem with the launch of the Proton Pass beta for Lifetime and Visionary users. Invites will roll out over the next week, and you’ll receive an email from us
It’s now been nearly nine years since 10,000 people came together to launch Proton through a public crowdfunding campaign. Today, as we pass another milestone with 100 million Proton Accounts, we want to take a moment to reflect on the journey so far
Share calendar with Proton users
It’s hard enough remembering your own schedule, much less your partner’s, your family’s, and your colleagues’. Today, we’re making it easier and safer to share your calendar to keep everyone in the loop. In addition to public calendar links, Proton C
We’re excited to announce that we’ve open-sourced the Proton Drive Android and iOS apps’ code. This means the code for all Proton apps out of beta, including all Proton Drive apps, is now available for anyone to examine. You can verify for yourself t
Proton Mail Schedule send
At Proton, we believe you can have digital privacy without sacrificing convenience. This is why we’re always working on ways to optimize your email experience with features such as Attachment Reminders or Undo Send. Today, we’re excited to introduce
Proton Mail has automated anti-abuse systems to protect against the main types of abuse that pose significant risks to the Proton community. These systems may sometimes suspend accounts for safety reasons. Below, we discuss why accounts get suspended
As the world’s largest encrypted email provider, working with IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) is something that we do on a daily basis. IMAP is core to the Proton Mail Bridge app, which lets you add Proton Mail encryption to standard email cl
Introducing new improved Proton Mail Bridge v3
When it comes to emails, we know everyone has their own preferences. Some prefer to use our web or mobile apps, while others prefer to use their favorite email client, such as Outlook, Thunderbird, or Apple Mail.  That’s why we created Proton Mail B