The rare Proton username X is back up for auction!

After receiving suspicious bids in our original fundraiser, we’re putting the rare Proton username X back up for auction along with the X@ email address on all the Proton domains (,,, and! However this time, we’re using a new format to mitigate potentially suspicious bids. 

The blind auction runs until Sunday, January 21, at 6 PM CET. This time, to participate in the auction, you’ll need to fill out a form (linked below) with your maximum bid and your contact email address. The minimum bid is USD $10,000. Bids made below this amount will be disregarded.

At the end of the auction, we’ll contact the highest bidder to inform them they won the opportunity to purchase the X username and receive a complimentary goodie box. The X username is also transferable and comes with the right of resale, allowing you to gift or resell it whenever you like.  

It’s important to note that this username does not include a paid Proton plan.

If the highest bidder fails to complete the purchase for whatever reason, we’ll contact the person with the next highest bid, and so on. 

Read our auction’s terms and conditions(new window)

Supporting the fight for a better world

All the proceeds from this auction will go to support the organizations listed in our 2023 Lifetime Account Charity Fundraiser, which the X username was originally a part of. This money will enable these worthy organizations to continue their fight for privacy, freedom, and human rights. As always, thank you for your support. Your generosity is driving positive change around the world.

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