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Building an Internet where people come before profits

Proton was created to serve the world, and the non-profit Proton Foundation ensures that this can never change. As Proton’s primary shareholder, the foundation exercises its control to ensure that Proton does not deviate from our mission to build a better internet that serves the interests of all of society. Our legally binding purpose is to further the advancement of privacy, freedom, and democracy around the world.

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Governance for people, not for profit

The Proton Foundation is a Swiss non-profit and does not have shareholders. It is therefore separated from individual financial interests and must act in the best interest of the Proton community in perpetuity. No change of control of Proton can occur without the consent of the Foundation, therefore enabling the Foundation to block hostile takeover attempts of Proton which are not aligned with our legal obligation to serve the community. Our role is to ensure that our community always comes first.

We’re a grant-making organization

In addition to owning shares of Proton, the Foundation’s assets are further supplemented through a resolution to allocate 1% of Proton’s revenues to the Foundation’s charitable activities whenever financial conditions allow. This further commits the financial success of Proton to the public good. Proton makes grants to support organizations which are aligned with our purpose. To date, over 2.7 million CHF in grants have been given to organizations throughout the world. Recipients can either apply, or be nominated by the Proton community.

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Investing in a better future

The Proton Foundation also makes investments to support the development of technologies which help advance our vision of a free and open internet. We are not a profit-driven investor and work frequently with open-source companies. We measure our return on investment not through financial metrics, but through impact.

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