Report abuse

For law enforcement inquiries, see our information for law enforcement(new window).

If you see that a Proton Account is being abused, we'd like to know about it. By abuse, we mean anything that violates our terms and conditions(new window), including:

  • Sending unsolicited or spam messages
  • Bulk and scripted signups
  • Bulk messaging
  • Impersonating other services
  • Fraud or other criminal activity

To report an account for abuse, please complete this form, and our Anti-abuse Team will investigate. If we find that the account has violated our terms of service, we'll disable it.


We handle these reports with Zendesk. If you'd like to communicate privately using Proton Mail, please send an email containing the username/address you'd like to report, your contact address so we can get in touch with you, and a description of what happened to

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Please enter the address associated with the account you would like to report. You can report multiple addresses.

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Describe what happened and how you think it was abusive.

If you'd like to submit a file to support your report, you can upload it here (allowed file types: .eml .txt .pdf .jpg .png):