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Simple, encrypted solutions to protect your business

Advanced protection for your company’s emails, calendars, passwords, network, and more with our suite of secure business apps.

Trusted by over 50,000 businesses and 100 million people around the world.

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Full business protection,
one encrypted suite

Secure privacy for your whole organization with Proton’s encrypted suite of business apps.

Proton Mail

Protect your communications with easy to use encrypted email.

Proton Calendar

Organize your schedule whilst keeping your calendar securely encrypted and private.

Proton Drive

Back up your business data and collaborate securely with end-to-end encrypted cloud storage.

Proton VPN

Secure your network and easily control access with a dedicated VPN.

Proton Pass

Simplify team access to work logins with an encrypted password manager.

Start protecting your business data

Protect your organization’s data

Proton uses end-to-end encryption by default to secure your emails, calendar events, cloud storage, and more.

Only you can access your organization’s data — unlike other providers, not even we can. With Proton, trust that your business is secure.

Swiss privacy

Proton is based in Switzerland. This means all data is protected by strict Swiss privacy laws.

We are a neutral and safe haven for your business data, ensuring advanced protection of your organization’s digital presence that you can trust.

Support your compliance objectives

Easily comply with data protection regulation such as GDPR and HIPAA that require personal health information, financial documents, and other sensitive data to be protected.

Security through transparency

Proton was founded by scientists, and we believe in research, peer review, and transparency.

All our apps are open source and independently audited so anyone can use, inspect, and trust them.

Your data, your rules

Proton uses zero-access encryption, ensuring that your data remains securely encrypted. In the event of a data breach, your business data cannot be decrypted by hackers. We also provide advanced protection to mitigate security threats by combining AI and human analysis.

Easy setup and reliable service

Easy migration with live support

Use Proton’s Easy Switch tool to migrate your data from Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, or other providers. Our dedicated Support team is available to help you with the process step-by-step, at no extra cost.

No training or upskilling required

Proton’s user-friendly interface means there’s no learning curve for your team.

Seamless team management

Simply manage your team’s access, permissions and storage in Proton’s admin panel to keep your workflow efficient.

Trusted by users of thousands of global organizations to stay secure:


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“We use the best encrypted email service provider in the world. It is inspiring that more and more people are using Proton Mail and essentially saying, I am taking privacy more seriously.”

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Administration & IT Manager

“The implementation of Proton Mail has allowed us to strengthen our security on our platforms and improve our cyber security knowledge.

With Proton, we've been able to centralise our digital tools which has helped us reduce costs by 70%.”


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