End-to-end encrypted collaborative documents

Docs in Proton Drive are end-to-end encrypted so your work stays safe from data breaches, online surveillance, and can never be fed into AI models.

Over 100 million people and businesses trust Proton to protect their data.

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The most secure online document editor

Unlike services that scan your files, Proton Drive docs end-to-end encrypt every keystroke, image, table, even your file name. It’s a mathematical guarantee that only you and people you share with can access your data. Learn about Proton’s unique security.

Create documents with guaranteed privacy

Your documents are a private place for your journals, brainstorming sessions, and notes that are just for you. Put your thoughts on paper with images, tables, comments, checklists, and more. It's all end-to-end encrypted.

Collaborate freely, knowing your work is private

You should be free to work on drafts without your data being collected, scanned, and abused for profit. Docs give you and your team a powerful and private platform to collaborate effectively.

Docs is part of Proton Drive

Our encrypted cloud storage service, Proton Drive, allows you to store, manage, and access your documents securely from one place.
You can create new documents directly within Proton Drive, and they’ll be saved in the current Drive folder. You can then easily share them and manage permissions.

Your work is worth protecting with strong encryption

For lawyers, doctors, or financial advisers

Handle sensitive client information with confidence. Ensure your documents are encrypted end-to-end, benefit from robust protection and comply with industry regulations. Perfect for those needing the highest level of confidentiality in their work.

For project managers, leadership, and sales teams

Enhance teamwork with real-time collaboration while keeping your projects secure against data breaches. Docs allow multiple users to edit and view documents simultaneously, with changes reflected instantly and presence indicators showing who is on the document.

For freelancers and creatives

Do your best work without anyone looking over your shoulder. Docs offer a secure environment for creating, editing, and sharing documents with clients. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your work is protected from unauthorized access and won’t ever be used to train AI models.

Choose an internet where your privacy comes first