Secure file sharing with Proton Drive

Proton Drive uses end-to-end encryption combined with unique file sharing security features. No file size limits and free for everyone.

The most advanced encrypted file sharing

The most advanced encrypted file sharing

Proton Drive protects all your files, including your shared files, with end-to-end encryption.
  • Any file you upload is encrypted on your device before it is stored on our servers.
  • We don’t just encrypt the content of your files, we also encrypt metadata such as names of files and folders, file extensions, file sizes, thumbnails, and more.
  • End-to-end encryption ensures no one, not even Proton, can access your files, unless you have sent them a secure file-sharing link.
  • Share large files for free

    Proton Drive has no size limit on shared files. If you can upload it, you can share it. Our high performance continuous encryption algorithm encrypts data while it's being uploaded, providing a speed boost that makes Proton Drive the best way to securely share large files.

    Share files securely with encrypted links

    Share files and folders securely with friends, family, and colleagues using secure links you can generate in one click. Your shared files are end-to-end encrypted, and Proton Drive offers advanced features that allow you to limit who can access the link and for how long. Our encryption makes Proton Drive the most secure file-sharing service available.

    More file sharing features

    <h2>Send large files securely</h2>

    Send large files securely

    You can easily share large files using Proton Drive’s end-to-end encrypted sharing links.

    <h2>Share files with a link</h2>

    Share files with a link

    You can instantly share files of any size by creating a shareable link in Proton Drive.

    <h2>Password-protected file sharing</h2>

    Password-protected file sharing

    You can password-protect your file sharing links to give them an extra layer of security.

    Share files securely with anyone, anywhere, at any time

    Share files and folders using our secure encrypted file-sharing links with anyone, regardless of their device, browser, or platform — they don’t even need a Proton account.

    Use secure file-sharing links to prevent data breaches

    Sharing files with Proton Drive provides better data security. Instead of sending or emailing a file, send an expiring secure file sharing link. This way, even if the recipient's email gets breached later, your confidential file is not leaked. Unlike peer-to-peer solutions, Proton Drive also ensures that your IP address is never exposed to the file recipient.
    Use secure file-sharing links to prevent data breaches

    Advanced features for secure file sharing

    Revoke access in one click

    Revoke access to shared files and folders at any point. This disables the secure file-sharing link and prevents anyone from being able to use it to access your file.

    Password protect your links

    For an added layer of security, you can password protect your file-sharing links, allowing you to limit access to your files to only people you’ve authorized.

    Expiring links

    Set an expiration date for your file-sharing links after which the link will automatically be disabled, preventing unauthorized access.

    Track access

    Monitor suspicious activity after you’ve shared files and keep track of the number of times your files have been downloaded.

    Secure file sharing made easy

    Proton Drive was built by Proton, the same company behind Proton Mail, the world’s largest encrypted email service.

    Our team has experience developing and implementing advanced encryption while also creating easy to use privacy services that are used by millions.

    You do not need any technical knowledge or special skill to encrypt or securely share your files. Simply upload a file and create the secure file-sharing link, and Proton Drive will handle all the encryption automatically in the background.

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    Need more storage?

    Discover our business plans

    Protect your privacy

    All plans deliver the highest security for your files thanks to our advanced end-to-end encryption.

    Your files, your rules

    Stay in control by protecting your file-sharing links with passwords or revoking share.

    Security you can trust

    Proton Drive comes from the creators of Proton Mail, the world’s largest encrypted email provider.

    File sharing with Proton Drive

    <h2>Create a shareable link</h2>

    Create a shareable link

    You can share files and folders from Proton Drive with anyone using secure shareable links. These links are generated locally in your browser, so Proton never has access to your files or folders.

    <h2>Password-protect your links</h2>

    Password-protect your links

    For additional security, you can protect your end-to-end encrypted shareable links with a password and set an expiration date after which the link will no longer work.

    <h2>Send large files and folders</h2>

    Send large files and folders

    You can’t send very large files or folders by email because the size of email attachments is limited. If you want to send attachments larger than 25 MB, you can share them with Proton Drive.


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