Secure cloud storage and file sharing

Proton Drive is an end-to-end encrypted Swiss vault for your files that protects your data.

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Proton Drive

Encrypted cloud storage for all your files

Proton Drive's strong encryption goes beyond other secure cloud solutions.

End-to-end encryption ensures that no one, not even us, can access your files. Files, file names, folder names, and more, are all fully encrypted at rest and in transit to the secure cloud.

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Swiss privacy

Proton is based in Switzerland, and your files are protected by Swiss privacy laws, which are among the strictest in the world. Proton Drive is a neutral and stable digital vault for your files, available for free.

Open source

We believe in trust through transparency. Proton Drive is open source, so anyone can verify that our encrypted cloud storage works as described. Proton Drive is also routinely audited for privacy and security by independent third-party experts.

Built on freedom and privacy

Choosing Proton Drive is a choice for a better internet. Proton Drive is part of a wider ecosystem of privacy-first products. By using Drive and our other products, you are contributing to the cause of creating an internet where people, not Big Tech, hold the power.

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The safest way to share files

Proton Drive's end-to-end encryption also works when sharing files and folders.

Optional features like password protected files and expiring file sharing links enhance security even further. Best of all, there are no file size limits.

Free file storage

We believe everyone has the right to privacy. Our free Proton Drive plan includes all the security and privacy features of our paid subscriptions, making it the best free encrypted cloud storage solution.

To access more storage and support our fight for a better internet, upgrade to a paid account.

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Why use Proton Drive?

Proton Drive is a file storage solution that combines the convenience of the cloud with the privacy of a Swiss vault. With Proton Drive, you can easily access your data, while also benefiting from end-to-end encryption.
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FeaturesProtonSelf-HostingBig Tech

Secure cloud storage that gives you complete control

With Proton Drive, your files are accessible 24/7 from any device and secured with automatic backups in multiple datacenters. Your data remains safe even if you lose your phone or computer.

However, our cloud still protects your privacy. Our end-to-end encryption means that unlike other cloud storage solutions, you don't have to share your most intimate files with a third party. Unlike Big Tech, Proton can't access your files. Your data remains fully owned and controlled by you.

Take control of your files

Organize and personalize your encrypted drive to make it your own.


Secure cloud storage for your photos and videos

Your files are more than just data. They are photos and videos of time spent with your family and friends and documents that record your achievements. These deserve the highest protection and privacy.

Proton Drive is a secure and encrypted Swiss vault for the favorite moments of your life.
Proton Business

Encrypted storage for organizations

Proton Drive secures the information of organizations all around the world. Our clients include journalists, activists, and businesses with high-security needs.

By using Drive, you can securely store and share files within your organization while maintaining control over permissions and data access.

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Data stored on Drive is accessible only to your organization and anyone you share it with. Our end-to-end encryption means that Proton cannot read the files stored in your organization’s Proton Drive account.

Even if we suffered a data breach, your files would remain securely encrypted. Together with Proton Mail, Proton Calendar, and Proton VPN, Proton provides a powerful suite of privacy-focused services.


Your privacy is our first 
and only priority.

The only people we are obligated to is you. We are the privacy company, pure and simple.

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