Proton drive

Password-protect your files

Password-protect your files with Proton Drive to give them an additional layer of security. With Proton Drive, you control who can access your shared files.

Password-protected file sharing

Proton Drive makes it easy to securely share files by generating end-to-end encrypted file-sharing links. You can password-protect these links, preventing unauthorized access to your shared files even if the link falls into the wrong hands.

Complete control of your shared files

With Proton Drive, you can revoke access to your password-protected files at any time with just one click. You can also set an expiration date for your file-sharing links, after which your shared files will no longer be accessible.

Password-protected folders

If you need to share multiple files at once, you can create a password-protected end-to-end encrypted file-sharing link for entire folders. By adding a password to a folder, all the files within that folder are protected with the same extra level of security. As with shared files, you can revoke access to your shared folders at any time.

Cloud storage with password protection

Proton Drive protects your files and their metadata with end-to-end encryption, and you can add password protection and expiration dates to any file you share. We provide the same level of security across both paid and free cloud storage plans because we believe that privacy is a fundamental human right.

Protect your files with Proton Drive

Over 100 million people protect their data with Proton.

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