Join forces with Proton

Our mission is to make internet privacy accessible to all. That’s why we’re happy to share revenue and support like-minded partners.

The Proton Partners Program

Support a mission-driven company with strong ethical standards

Proton is open source, neutral, transparent, and trusted

Promote a full suite of leading privacy services

Earn up to 100% commissions for each new referral

Receive assistance with marketing support and visibility

Benefit from the expertise of our dedicated partners’ team

How much can you earn with Proton?

Table showing how much partners can earn with Proton
Table showing how much partners can earn with Proton
GoalsProton VPNProton VPNProton MailProton MailProton DriveProton Drive
Sign-ups - Monthly plans100%18%coming soon...
Sign-ups - 1 year / 2 year plans40%18%coming soon...
Renewals30%18%coming soon...

Why partner with Proton?

Trusted by users

Proton is a well-known and trusted name when it comes to privacy. Users prefer Proton, and recommending Proton is credible.

Dedicated support

Receive tailored support and tips from an experienced team dedicated to helping you succeed.

High revenue share

Proton provides some of the highest commission rates, particularly for non-profits aligned with our mission.

Global brand

Proton’s products are available worldwide in more than 10 languages and well-known in dozens of countries.

Who can join the Proton Partners Program?

YouTubers and vloggers

Whether it’s a tutorial or a review, there are many ways to create content about improving online security and privacy.

Bloggers and social influencers

Interest in privacy is higher than ever, yet good content is lacking. Introduce Proton to your audience and support your content at the same time.

Publishers and press

Do privacy, freedom, and online security matter to your audience? Join our program to engage your audience and support your work.

Businesses and organizations

We’re open to collaborations with companies, NGOs, non-profits, and other organizations that share our values. Share your partnership ideas with us.

Becoming a Proton Partner is simple

Get started in three easy steps.

Step 1

Sign up for the Proton Partners Program.

Step 2

Download your unique partner link and marketing support material.

Step 3

Promote Proton and privacy and earn a commission on every referral.

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