Proton Easy Switch

Sync your emails, calendars, and contacts securely with Proton in one click.

Automatically forward Gmail messages to your inbox

Get all the emails that matter in one place, safe from trackers.

Your Proton Mail address won't ever be revealed to Gmail to protect your privacy.

Import your messages, calendars, and contacts in one click


Select what to import

Easy Switch can move your data automatically in just a few moments, including your messages, calendars, and contacts.


Log in to your old account

To start your import, log in to your account with Gmail, Outlook, or another email provider.


Say hello to privacy

Your emails, events, and contacts will be encrypted as they arrive at Proton.

    Welcome to a better internet where privacy is the default

    Privacy by default

    We use zero-access and end-to-end encryption so no one can decrypt, access, share, or monetize your data.

    People before profits

    Proton Mail is truly free. With Gmail, you pay with your privacy. Unlike Gmail, Proton's business model doesn't rely on ads.

    Security through transparency

    Our products are open source and have been independently audited by thousands of security experts worldwide.

    What the experts say about Proton

    Shira Ovide
    Help Desk Strategy Editor

    “With a few clicks, I moved more than 15 years of email messages from Gmail to Proton Mail.

    I was surprised how easy it was.”

    Anthony Spadafora
    Security and networking editor

    “You can import your existing calendar by using Easy Switch. Once your events arrive in Proton Calendar, they are automatically encrypted to help keep your data, plans and whereabouts private.”

    Millions of people worldwide trust Proton Mail to keep their communications private

    Choose an email that’s secure and private by default.

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