Meet the Proton team

We are scientists, engineers, and specialists from diverse backgrounds, drawn together by a shared vision of protecting freedom and privacy online.

The Proton team

We are committed to creating trusted ways for everyone to be secure online and in control of their information at all times

Our values

The Proton team operates with a strong set of values

People first

Whether serving the Proton community or the broader world, we put people first. We will always put making a positive impact before profits.

Proton is independent, neutral, employee-controlled, and does not have venture capital investors.

Do what is right

We believe doing what is right is a competitive advantage. Our company culture empowers us to do what is right and to do work that we can truly be proud of. We aim to be a tech company with a conscience.

Science is our foundation

Proton was founded by scientists, and science is part of our DNA and culture. We believe in technical excellence, rigor, and peer review. Integrity, honesty, and transparency are core values.

We believe in privacy

We believe that privacy is a fundamental right and an essential part of being human. Without it, there can be no freedom. Privacy is a deeply held belief that guides all that we do.

Together it’s possible

We believe in collective strength. Our mission can only be accomplished by working together with our community. Together, we are building a better internet for future generations.

Help build the future you want to live in

Our team combines deep mathematical and technical knowledge from the world’s top research institutions with expertise in building remarkable and easy-to-use services. By joining our team, you can help build a different and better internet for now and for the future.

Meet our global team

Proton has over 400 employees working in more than 20 countries, representing over 40 nationalities. We are headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, with offices in Zurich, Skopje, Taipei, Vilnius, and Prague.