How to create a shareable link in Proton Drive

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Using Proton Drive

You can share files and folders from Proton Drive(new window) with anyone using secure shareable links. These links are generated locally in your browser, so Proton never has access to your files or folders.

To share a file or folder, go to My files → select the file or folder you wish to share → Get link. You cannot select multiple files or multiple folders to share with a single link, but you can place multiple files and folders into another folder and then share that folder with a link. 

Select files and folders in the Trash folder, then click the Get link button

Proton Drive will generate a secure link that you can share. Anyone who has the link can use it to access the shared files. 

Copy link

For additional security, you can protect the shared file or folder with a password and set an expiration date, after which the link will no longer work. To access these features, click Privacy settings.

Toggle the Protect with password switch on and enter a password that you can share with your intended recipients of the file.

Toggle the Set expiration date switch on and specify when the link should expire.

Click Save when you’re done. 

Set Privacy Setings

You can view all files that are currently shared by going to the Shared folder. To manage a link, select the file → Manage link

Select files and folders, then click the manage link button

You can set or change links’ password or expiration date by adjusting the Protect with password and Set expiration date settings. You can also disable the link entirely by clicking Stop sharing.

Manage link settings or Stop Sharing

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