How to send large files and folders with Proton Drive

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You can’t send very large files or folders by email attachment because the file size of email attachments is limited. The total size of files you can attach to a Proton Mail email is 25 MB.

If you want to send attachments larger than 25 MB, like big presentations, multiple images, or video files, you can share them with Proton Drive.

Instead of sending someone the files as email attachments, you can share them using a secure link. They simply click the link to access the files and download them to their device.

Here we explain how to share and receive files or folders using the Proton Drive web app. You can also learn how to share files and folders using Proton Drive mobile apps.

How to share files and folders with the Proton Drive web app

1. Log in to Proton Drive(new window) or choose Proton Drive from the app switcher in Proton Mail.

Proton Drive option in the Proton app switcher

2. Go to My files, select the file or folder you want to share, and click the Get link icon.

You can’t select multiple files or multiple folders to share with a single link. But you can place multiple files and folders into another folder and then share that folder with a link.

Get link icon to share a file with Proton Drive

3. Click Copy link. 

Proton Drive Copy link button to copy a shareable link

4. For optional added security, select Privacy settings to protect the link with a password and set an expiration date, after which the link will no longer work:

  • Turn on the Protect with password switch and add a strong password.
  • Turn on the Set expiration date switch and choose an expiration date.

Proton Drive switches to turn on password protection and set an expiration date for a shareable link

Click Save when you’re done.

5. Close the Share via link window and paste the link into an email or messaging app to send it. Anyone who receives the link can use it to access the shared files.

If you’ve set a password for the link, make sure you send the password to the person you’re sharing the files with using a secure communication channel or just tell them in person.

6. You can view all the files and folders you’re currently sharing by going to the Shared folder. If you want to stop sharing a file or folder or change its privacy settings, select it and click Manage link.

Proton Drive manage link icon to change a link's privacy settings or stop sharing

Or select the Manage link option from the three-dot vertical menu on the right.

Proton Drive manage link menu option to change a link's privacy settings or stop sharing

You can then:

  • Change the password or turn the Protect with password switch off to remove the password.
  • Change the expiration date or turn the Set expiration date switch off to remove the expiration date.
  • Stop sharing the file by clicking the Stop sharing button.

Proton Drive options to protect a shareable link with a password, change its expiration date, or stop sharing

Click Save when you’re done. 

How to download files and folders shared with Proton Drive

If you receive a link to a file or folder shared with Proton Drive, you can download them as follows:

1. Click on the Proton Drive link to open the download window.

Email showing Proton Drive link to access shared files

2. If you’re prompted for a password, enter the password that the sender has shared with you and click Submit.

Box to enter the password to access a Proton Drive shareable link

3. Click Download all or select the files you want to download and click Download.

Proton Drive Download all button to download shared files

3. Choose a location to save the files and click Save.

Learn how to share files and folders using the Proton Drive mobile apps

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