Managing access to shared files and folders

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Proton Drive
Using Proton Drive

You can adjust access to your shared files or folders whenever needed, even after you’ve shared the item. Here’s how:

Click on the Manage Access button ()next to the shared item to revoke access or change permissions for any recipient. 

Upon clicking on the icon, you will see the details of who currently has access to the file. 

To manage access for each individual recipient, simply click on the arrow. You will now see all the options available to you.

From this menu you can:

  • Change permissions: Switch between viewer and editor permissions as needed.
  • Remove access: Revoke access for any recipient if they no longer need to view or edit the file.
  • Copy invite link: Generates a unique URL that you can share with specific individuals. This link gives them access to the file or folder you’ve shared, based on the permissions you set.
  • Resend invite: Allows you to send the access invitation again to the recipient, ensuring they receive the link to the shared file or folder if they missed the initial email.

Removing access for all users

You also have the option of removing sharing access for everyone. You can do this by clicking on Manage share for the shared file or folder.

And then clicking on the ⚙️ icon and clicking on Stop sharing.

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