Back up your files securely with end-to-end encryption

Keep your backup files safe from data breaches and Big Tech surveillance. Proton Drive is the private alternative to Google Drive, iCloud, and Dropbox.

A secure Swiss vault for your file backups

When you store files in Proton Drive, they’re automatically protected with end-to-end encryption on secure servers based in Switzerland. Proton never has access to your files, documents, and photos.

As a company founded by scientists, our mission is to protect online privacy and build a better internet where you’re in control of your data, not Big Tech. We don’t scan your files or target you with ads.

Why use Proton Drive file backup?

Enjoy Swiss privacy, no matter where you live

Proton is incorporated and headquartered in Switzerland. This means the files, videos, and other data you back up to Proton Drive are protected by Swiss privacy laws, some of the toughest in the world.

Defend against data breaches and hackers

Proton Drive uses advanced encryption and account security features to protect your data. Unlike other cloud storage services, our end-to-end encryption means that even if there were a breach of our servers, the files would still be encrypted.

Keep your files and metadata private

Your files contain important data, from ID numbers to financial documents. When you back them up to Proton Drive’s secure cloud, the contents of your files and associated metadata like file names are encrypted on your device before they are stored on our servers. So we can never scan your files or hand them over to the government.

100% community supported

We’re not funded by advertisers or venture capital investors. Instead, our revenue comes from customers who upgrade to paid plans for more storage and premium features. Proton only answers to you, our community.

File backups in one place, accessible anywhere

Download the Proton Drive apps for iPhone or Android to automatically encrypt, back up, manage, and share files on the go.

Save space on your phone with automatic photo backups

Using our new automatic photo backup feature, your images and videos are always backed up, as long as you have an internet connection. Save space on your mobile device and keep your intimate memories private.

Get started with 5 GB free cloud storage

Secure your files, documents and photos with end-to-end encryption

End-to-end encrypted

Free forever with no ads

Open source and audited

Protected by Swiss privacy laws

Encrypt all files automatically

Every file backup is encrypted on your device before uploading to our servers and stays that way until you download it again.

Sync files and folders

File backup syncing means any changes to a folder are mirrored in the cloud. Even if your device is broken or stolen, you won’t lose what’s most important to you.

Own your data

No one has the right to access your private files except you and the people you choose to share them with. Proton Drive ensures no one — not even Proton — can see your documents, photos, and videos.

Additional backup features

Back up photos automatically

Your photos automatically sync to your secure drive at regular intervals. If your device is damaged or stolen, your photos will still be safe. Enable biometric or device lock to ensure your files are protected even if your device ends up in the wrong hands.

Save space on your device

After uploading files or photos, you can delete the copies on your phone or computer to free up valuable space. You can also view your files in Proton Drive without downloading them to local storage.

Share large files securely

Easily share your backed-up files by generating an end-to-end encrypted file-sharing link for any of them. You can share it with anyone, even if they don’t use Proton Drive. There’s no limit on the number of times a file can be downloaded using a file-sharing link.

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