For Business
For Business

Swiss vault for your business passwords

Securely and easily share, store, and manage passwords for work.

Trusted by over 50,000 businesses and 100 million people around the world.

Proton Pass makes advanced security simple

Simplify team access and collaboration

Proton Pass makes it easy for your team to securely share logins and control who has access to sensitive logins.

Security that's easy to use

Ensure your team adopts security best practices. Easily generate, save, and autofill secure and unique passwords for your team, with 2FA integration.

Advanced protection from Proton, a team you can trust

All Proton apps are open source and independently audited, meaning anyone can verify our tools work as described or read an expert’s assessment. Our unique security features help you stay one step ahead of attackers. Proton Sentinel combines machine learning with the Proton cybersecurity team’s insight to prevent account takeovers, even if the attacker has your password. Pass Monitor offers you insights on your organizations password health and emails involved in data breaches.

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Choose a plan and start protecting your business data

For entrepreneurs
  • Pass
  • Unlimited logins, notes and credit cards
  • Unlimited hide-my-email aliases
  • Integrated 2FA authenticator
For teams
  • Pass
  • Unlimited logins, notes and credit cards
  • Unlimited hide-my-email aliases
  • Require 2FA authenticator
  • Advanced account protection
  • VPN connection for devices per user
For companies
  • Mail
  • Calendar
  • VPN
  • Pass
  • Drive
  • storage per user
  • custom email domains
  • Secure personal and shared calendar
  • Cloud storage and sharing for large files
  • Advanced account protection
  • Manage user permissions and access
  • VPN connection for devices per user
  • Password manager to secure credentials

Customized services for large teams


Customizable solution, whether you’re a large company, in the public sector, or a nonprofit

Dedicated account manager

All Proton services

Protect your team.
Protect your business.

Unlimited devices and vaults

Regardless of how big your team is, Proton Pass lets you protect them all.

Secure password sharing

Send passwords securely with Proton’s end-to-end encryption technology.

24/7 support

Round-the-clock support ensuring you uninterrupted business operations.

Multi-platform support

Proton Pass makes logging in to your accounts secure and simple on all devices.

Unlimited logins, notes, and more

Protect all your login-related data, making it the single login security solution for your team.

Built-in 2FA authenticator

Proton Pass includes a 2FA code generator, allowing it to secure your entire login process.

Proton Sentinel

Advanced security to prevent account takeovers attacks, even if the attacker has your password.

Prevent phishing with hide-my-email aliases

Sign up for subscriptions with an alias to prevent your real email from being targeted with spam.

Protected by strong Swiss privacy law

Proton is headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, meaning we’re subject to Swiss law. Switzerland is politically neutral and provides some of the world’s strictest data privacy laws.

Security through transparency

Proton was created by scientists who met at CERN, and we believe in open source and transparency. Just as scientists will only trust a result if they can replicate it, our open-source code is safer because the IT security community is continuously testing it.

End-to-end encrypted

We protect all your sensitive logins, passwords, and other information with end-to-end encryption. Your business’s data would remain secure even in the unlikely event of a breach.

Data privacy expertise

Proton Pass was built by the same team of cybersecurity experts that created Proton Mail, the world’s largest end-to-end encrypted email service. Our end-to-end encryption technology secures over 100 million Proton accounts, and has been battle-tested for a decade with Proton Mail.