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Even though the Snowden leaks came out 10 years ago, the United States never ended its unconstitutional surveillance program. It now has a chance to close the legal loopholes that allow warrantless spying on US citizens. But Congress needs to act bef
Today, the European Parliament voted on the regulation commonly known as “chat control”, laying down rules to prevent and combat child sexual abuse material. Earlier drafts of this bill had posed a severe threat to encryption and privacy, but recent
Last week, the Spanish Presidency of the European Council delayed a vote regarding the Council’s position on the controversial Child Sexual Abuse Regulation (CSAR) due to a lack of consensus over the issue of encryption, among others. This proposed r
Last week, the UK government made a statement in the House of Lords acknowledging that portions of the controversial Online Safety Bill might not even be technically enforceable without breaking end-to-end encryption. This rightly received a lot of a
Stop the Online Safety Bill
The UK Parliament is set to finalize a bill this month that threatens privacy and freedom of speech at a fundamental level. We had hoped for last-minute amendments to be tabled protecting encryption and privacy, but based on information coming from P
The RESTRICT Act, which would enable the the US government to ban TikTok from the US market, is currently working its way through Congress and has the backing of the White House. We’ve analyzed the legislation over the recent weeks, and today we’re s
The Online Safety Bill is currently working its way through the UK parliament, and it’s expected to be passed into law this autumn. This wide-reaching piece of legislation would force any “user-to-user service” (such as TikTok, Facebook, and Twitter)
Law enforcement agencies generally don’t like end-to-end encryption because it blocks them from accessing the private communications of individual citizens. After decades of trying to make tech companies add a “backdoor” to encryption, they’re now sh
Today is World Wide Web Day, when the world celebrates all the amazing things that were enabled when Sir Tim Berners-Lee, a member of our advisory board, created the building blocks of the web at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN)
After years of frustration and inaction, the world has a once-in-a-lifetime chance to rein in Big Tech’s power. The EU advanced its landmark Digital Markets Act, South Korea put its foot down on unfair practices, and places like India, Japan, and Aus
The freedom of the press is essential to democracy and allows you to be aware of whether your rights are being respected. Unfortunately, journalists worldwide are facing unprecedented intimidation, surveillance, and censorship. This is why Proton has