How to get 5 GB storage for Proton Drive and 1 GB for Proton Mail

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If you signed up for a Proton Free plan before February 22, 2024

The Proton Free plan now comes with up to 5 GB of storage on Proton Drive for your files and up to 1 GB of storage on Proton Mail for your emails and attachments. This is available to everyone on a Proton Free plan.

This article explains the steps to unlock the maximum storage on the Proton Free plan if you signed up for a free plan before February 22, 2024. You can expand your storage by completing some key actions before March 22, 2024.  

If you signed up for the Proton Free plan after February 22, 2024, you can unlock additional free storage up to 30 days after you sign up. 

How to unlock your bonus free storage

If you’re already on the Proton Free plan, the storage allowance you see in Proton Drive and Proton Mail will depend on whether you have previously completed a get started checklist. If you haven’t done this on either Proton Drive or Proton Mail, you’ll see a maximum storage allowance of 500 MB on your Proton Mail account and 2 GB on Proton Drive.

You can unlock an additional 3 GB on Proton Drive and 500 MB on Proton Mail by completing the checklist items described below. You’ll need to perform these actions by March 22, 2024, to unlock your full storage allowance. 

To do this, sign in to your Proton Account at If you are already logged in, begin by refreshing your browser.

How to unlock your bonus storage on Proton Drive

1. Sign in to Proton Drive at window). If you’re already logged into Proton Drive, simply refresh your web browser.

Click on the gift icon in the bottom right corner of your screen.    

2. You’ll now be asked to perform four simple actions. If you do this, your Proton Drive storage will increase from 2 GB to 5 GB. 

  • Create a Proton account
  • Add a file or folder
  • Create a shareable link
  • Protect your account with a recovery method

Once you’ve completed these tasks, you’ll receive the additional storage.

Learn more about more storage space on Proton Drive

How to unlock your bonus free storage on Proton Mail

1. Sign in to Proton Mail at window). If you’re already logged into Proton Mail, simply refresh your web browser. 

You’ll see a checklist at the bottom of the left panel. 

If you can’t see it, go to Settings (gear icon) → Open checklist and get free storage.

Once you’ve completed the listed tasks, you’ll receive the bonus storage.

Learn more about getting started with Proton

For help on completing these four quick actions, please refer to this Support article.

Our Support team is here to help. If you are unable to follow the above steps please contact us.

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