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At Proton, our goal is to make online privacy available to all. That’s why we offer free plans for everyone. But unlike most “free” services that depend on invading your privacy to sell ads, Proton is funded by revenue from paid plans. Without your paid subscriptions, we simply wouldn’t exist.

To thank all of you who pay for Proton for your loyalty and continuing support, we give you an annual Storage Bonus.

What is a Storage Bonus?

A Storage Bonus is extra storage that we add to your account for every year that you pay for a Proton service:

  • When you sign up for any paid Proton plan (except paid ProtonVPN-only plans), you’re automatically eligible for Storage Bonuses.
  • On the anniversary of you signing up for your paid plan, you’ll receive extra storage for free. This storage is shared between your Proton Mail(new window) and Proton Drive(new window).
  • This will happen every year, and your Storage Bonuses will accumulate as long as you pay for a Proton service without interruption.

And that’s it! As long as you have a paid Proton plan, you’ll automatically earn these bonuses. You don’t need to take any action.

How much extra storage will I get?

Our annual Storage Bonuses used to be fixed at 1 GB per year for all Proton plans. But since we revamped all our plans with much greater base storage in May 2022, we’ve also boosted your Storage Bonuses!

Your annual bonus now depends on what plan you have, as shown in the table below.

Proton plans

Your planYour annual Storage Bonus
Proton Mail Plus+1 GB
Proton Drive Plus+4 GB
Proton Unlimited+10 GB
Proton Family+20 GB
Proton Visionary+50 GB

Proton for Business plans

Your planYour annual Storage Bonus
Proton Mail Essentials+1 GB per user
Proton Mail Professional+5 GB per user
Proton Business Suite+10 GB per user

Will I keep my previous storage bonuses with my new plan?

You may have received one-off storage bonuses in recent years, for example, a 5 GB bonus for Black Friday in 2019 or a 5 GB or 10 GB bonus during the pandemic in 2020. As we significantly increased the base storage for all our plans in May 2022, we merged these one-off storage bonuses into the base storage of your new plan.

However, we carried over your accrued annual Storage Bonuses and added them on top of your new base storage, so your new plan has at least as much storage as your old one.

Example 1: Let’s suppose you were on an old Proton Mail Plus plan with:

  • 5 GB base storage + 
  • A 5 GB Covid-19 storage bonus + 
  • Two annual 1 GB Storage Bonuses (2 x 1 GB = 2GB)

Your total storage = 12 GB

You would be upgraded to Proton Mail Plus with 17 GB total storage (= 15 GB base storage for your new Proton Mail Plus plan + two annual 1 GB Storage Bonuses).

Please note that if you were on a paid VPN plan before with a 5 GB Black Friday bonus that came with two bonus VPN connections, the two extra connections wouldn’t be carried over to your new plan.

However, you would receive 10 VPN connections (now the maximum for Proton individual plans) plus considerably more storage and other features.

Example 2: Let’s suppose you were on an old VPN Plus plan with: 

  • 500 MB base storage for a Proton Free plan + 
  • A 5 GB Black Friday bonus + 
  • A 5 GB Covid-19 bonus + 
  • 10 VPN connections (+ 2 extra for Black Friday)

Your total storage = 10.5 GB

You would be upgraded to our Proton Unlimited bundle with 500 GB of storage shared between Proton Mail, Proton Calendar, and Proton Drive; 15 email addresses; 3 custom domains; our high-speed VPN on up to 10 devices at the same time; and more.

Frequently asked questions

Is there any limit on how many Storage Bonuses I can receive?

No, there isn’t. As long as you have a paid plan, you’ll continue to earn Storage Bonuses each year.

I currently have a Proton Free plan. Is it too late for me to get a Storage Bonus?

No, you can start earning your Storage Bonus anytime. All you need to do is sign up for any paid Proton plan (excluding Proton VPN-only plans). After one year, you’ll receive your Storage Bonus (and every year after that for as long as you continue with a paid plan).

I used to subscribe to Proton Mail Plus, but I upgraded to Proton Unlimited. Does switching plans end my Storage Bonuses?

No. If you switch from one Proton paid plan to another, we treat it as a single uninterrupted subscription, as long as there is no period of time between your original paid subscription with Proton and your new one.

I had a Proton Mail paid plan for several years but downgraded to a Free plan. If I upgrade to Proton Mail Plus again, will I get credit for those previous years?

Storage Bonuses only apply to your latest, uninterrupted time period as a paid subscriber to a Proton service. If you ever cancel or downgrade your plan to the Free version, you’re no longer a paid subscriber to Proton and cannot earn bonus storage. The clock on your Storage Bonus will restart the next time you sign up for a paid plan.

I’ve been paying for a Proton Mail plan for several years, but I’m considering downgrading to Proton Free. If I downgrade, will I get to keep the Storage Bonuses I’ve already earned?

No. If you cancel your Proton paid plan or downgrade to Proton Free, the bonus storage you had earned during your previous paid subscription will no longer apply. Your Proton Free plan will have the standard 500 MB of storage, or 1 GB if you previously completed your get started actions(new window).

I have a paid Proton VPN Plus plan, but I don’t have a Proton Mail account. Do I still get Storage Bonuses?

No, unfortunately, paid Proton VPN-only plans are no longer eligible for Storage Bonuses. To get annual bonuses with Proton VPN, you’ll need to upgrade to Proton Unlimited, which gives you Proton Mail, Proton Calendar, Proton VPN, and Proton Drive in one easy subscription. 

I have a free Proton Mail account but pay for Proton VPN Plus. Do I get Storage Bonuses as well?

No, unfortunately, paid Proton VPN-only plans are no longer eligible for Storage Bonuses. So you’ll need to upgrade to Proton Unlimited to get annual bonuses with Proton VPN. Proton Unlimited gives you Proton Mail, Proton Calendar, Proton VPN, and Proton Drive in one easy subscription.

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