Durch die Nutzung der Website und die Nutzung eines Proton-Kontos (das „Konto“) und aller damit verbundenen Funktionen, einschließlich Proton Mail, Proton Contacts, Proton Calendar und Proton Drive (die „Dienste“), stimmst du zu, an die folgenden Nutzungsbedingungen (die „Bedingungen“) gebunden zu sein. Diese Bedingungen gelten für alle gegenwärtigen und zukünftigen Funktionen, die von deinem Konto bereitgestellt werden. Die Dienste werden von der Proton AG (das „Unternehmen“) betrieben.

Wenn du diesen Bedingungen im Namen eines Unternehmens oder einer anderen juristischen Person zustimmst, erklärstdu, dass du befugt bist, diese Einheit, ihre verbundenen Unternehmen und alle Benutzer, die über dein Konto auf die Dienste zugreifen, an diese Bedingungen zu binden. In Ermangelung einer solchen Berechtigung bist du nicht berechtigt, die Dienste zu nutzen.

Benutzer der Dienste

Die Dienste werden ausschließlich für Personen bereitgestellt, die mindestens 13 Jahre alt sind, oder für Minderjährige, die die Zustimmung der Eltern oder Erziehungsberechtigten zur Eröffnung und Führung eines Konto erhalten haben.

Die Dienste werden ausschließlich an Personen erbracht. Konten, die durch „Bots“ oder automatisierte Methoden registriert wurden, sind nicht autorisiert und werden gelöscht.

Jeder Benutzer ist allein verantwortlich für alle Aktionen, die über die Dienste ausgeführt werden.

Autorisierte Nutzung der Dienste

Du stimmst zu, die Dienste nicht für illegale oder verbotene Aktivitäten zu nutzen. Du stimmst auch zu, die Netzwerke und Server des Unternehmens bei deiner Nutzung der Dienste nicht zu beeinträchtigen.

Spam, bei dem irrelevante oder unerwünschte Nachrichten oder Inhalte über das Internet gesendet werden, typischerweise an eine große Anzahl von Empfängern, insbesondere zum Zwecke der Werbung, des Phishings oder der Verbreitung von Malware oder Viren, ist verboten. Darüber hinaus erklärst du dich damit einverstanden, die Dienste nicht zum senden von Junk-Mail, Massen-E-Mails oder Verteilerlisten-E-Mails zu verwenden, die Personen enthalten, die nicht ausdrücklich zugestimmt haben, in diese Liste aufgenommen zu werden. Du stimmst zu, die Dienste nicht zum Speichern oder Teilen von Inhalten zu verwenden, die gegen das Gesetz oder die Rechte Dritter verstoßen.

Das Vorhandensein mehrerer kostenloser Konten wird nicht als akzeptable Nutzung unseres Dienstes angesehen (z. B. Massenanmeldungen, eine große Anzahl kostenloser Konten, die von einer einzelnen Organisation oder Einzelperson erstellt wurden). Eine missbräuchliche Registrierung von Aliasnamen für Dienste Dritter ist ebenfalls nicht zulässig. Kostenlose Konten dürfen auch nur von ihren effektiven Benutzern erstellt und verwaltet werden (z. B. ist es nicht akzeptabel, Konten im Namen einer anderen Person zu erstellen und später Anmeldedaten an diesen Dritten zu übertragen).

Jedes Konto, bei dem festgestellt wurde, dass es die oben genannten Aktivitäten durchführt, wird sofort gesperrt.

Trading or selling a Proton Mail account to a third party is prohibited and the Company reserves the right to suspend infringing accounts. This rule does not apply to our Lifetime Accounts, which can be sold or traded exclusively through the Company.The Company has no obligation to store or forward the contents of terminated accounts. We also have no obligation to store messages or contents for accounts that exceed their storage quotas.

The Company may also terminate Accounts which are being used for illegal activities that are not listed in the present section, particularly in response to orders from the competent authorities informing of such illegal activity.

Although it is not current practice, the Company reserves the right to suspend or delete free Accounts that have been inactive for a consecutive period of three months or more. However, our current inactive Account policy is not as strict.

Limited warranties and liability

The Company does not make any warranty about the reliability of the Services or guarantee the security of user data, despite best efforts. The Service is provided “as is” and you agree not to hold the Company responsible nor to seek indemnification for any damages that may arise as a result of the loss of use, data, or profits connected to the performance of the Service or failure in such performance.

Furthermore, you will not hold the Company liable or seek indemnification if confidential material is unintentionally released as the result of a security failure or vulnerability in the performance of the Services.

Due to the encrypted nature of the Services, you acknowledge that the Company has no ability or obligation to recover your data if you misplace your decryption password.

Service level agreement (SLA)

For users of Professional Accounts, the Company aims to provide Service availability of 99.95% or better. If downtime in any month exceeds 0.05% of that month, the Company will credit the user’s Account. Service credits are applied at the user’s request and will apply toward the balance due at the end of the next billing cycle (either monthly or yearly).

The Company calculates service credits in the following way:

  • If the monthly uptime is less than 99.95% but equal to or greater than 99.0%, the service credit is equal to 10% of the Service’s monthly cost;
  • If the monthly uptime is less than 99.0%, the service credit is equal to 30% of the Service’s cost.

Some performance issues are excluded from downtime calculations, such as:

  • Issues caused by factors outside of the Company’s reasonable control;
  • Issues that resulted from any actions or inaction by a user or a third party;
  • Issues that resulted from the user’s equipment and/or third-party equipment (not within the primary control of the Company). For the avoidance of any doubt, the Company does not provide any internet or network services and any performance issues related to that type of services shall be deemed not in the primary control of the Company;
  • Issues that arise from the Company’s suspension or termination of rights to use the Service in accordance with the Terms;
  • Downtime caused by reasonable scheduled maintenance that is announced in advance.


You agree that the Company, and any parents, subsidiaries, officers, employees, or third-party contractors cannot be held responsible for any third-party claim, demand, or damages, including reasonable attorneys’ fees, arising out of your use of the Services.


Our Privacy Policy explains the way we handle and protect your personal data and privacy in relation to your Account, your use of the Services, and your browsing of the website. By agreeing to the present Terms and to be able to use the Services, you also agree to our Privacy Policy.

If, in the provision of the Services, the Company processes, on the user’s behalf (where the user acts as a Data Controller), any personal data that is subject to the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the company’s data processing agreement shall apply.

Intellectual property

All trademarks, service marks, logos, trade names, and other proprietary designations of PROTON (the “PROTON Trademarks”) displayed on this website are trademarks or registered trademarks of the Company, and numerous of the PROTON Trademarks are registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and with multiple trademark offices around the world. See, e.g., U.S. Reg. Nos. 4,751,245, 4,754,889; CH Reg. No. 662,183; EU Reg. No. 17,893,097. Nothing in these Terms and Conditions should be construed as granting, by implication, estoppel, or otherwise, any license or right to use any of the Proton Trademarks without our prior written permission in each instance. All goodwill generated from the use of the Proton Trademarks will inure to the Company’s exclusive benefit.

Terms of payment

Due to their nature, the paid Services provided by the Company are generally non-refundable and any refunds or credits given will be at the sole discretion of the Company. Paid Accounts which are terminated due to a violation of these Terms will incur the loss of all payments and credits and are not eligible for refund.

If the Company chooses to issue a refund for any reason, the Company is only obligated to refund in the original currency of payment. If you request a credit balance to be converted between different currencies which the Company supports, the Company has discretion over the exchange rate applied.

Subscriptions are paid on a monthly or yearly basis, depending on your selection. After the initial term, the subscription is renewed automatically for the same duration until canceled by you. Credit balances are automatically deducted accordingly. You are responsible for keeping card information in relation with your Account up to date.

If you fail to fulfill your obligation of payment as a user of a paid Account, we may suspend your Account or delete it after an extended period of default.

If you rely on dispute or charge-back mechanisms of third-party payment processors and the result of that mechanism causes the Company to be liable for an amount exceeding the price paid for the service (e.g. dispute fee), you authorize the Company to charge that amount on your Account.

Modification to the terms of service

Within the limits of applicable law, the Company reserves the right to review and change these Terms at any time. As long as you are using the Services, you are responsible for regularly reviewing these Terms. Continued use of the Services after such changes are performed shall constitute your consent to them.

Applicable law and language

These Terms shall be governed in all respects by the substantive laws of Switzerland. Any controversy, claim, or dispute arising out of or relating to these Terms shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the competent courts of the Canton of Geneva. In case of discrepancy between the English version of these Terms and any translated version, the English version shall prevail.