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GDPR compliance is easier with encrypted email

Proton Mail makes email security easy with automatic encryption and an easy-to-use interface.

Encryption is an effective way to achieve GDPR compliance

The GDPR recommends encryption

The EU's General Data Protection Regulation imposes tough rules for securing personal data — and steep penalties for non-compliance.

How 10,000+ businesses around the world ensure compliance

Data Processing Agreement

Data Processing Agreement

Proton Mail has a Data Processing Agreement (DPA) with business users detailing the specific rights and obligations of each party, as required for GDPR compliance.

End-to-end encrypted mailbox

End-to-end encryption

Because emails are protected with end-to-end encryption, your Proton Mail inbox meets GDPR data protection-by-design standards.

Proton has zero access to your data

Zero access

Proton Mail does not have access to the contents of emails on our servers, thanks to zero-access encryption. This limits your vulnerability (and liability) in case of a data breach.

Show your clients you care about their security and confidentiality

Secure no matter what

Communicate securely with your clients, vendors, and contractors, even if they don’t use Proton Mail.


Proton Mail is compliant with GDPR, protecting your data and reducing the risks of data breaches by design.

Swiss privacy

Your email’s privacy is governed by Swiss laws, which offer some of the strongest privacy protections in the world.

Start protecting your business with Proton

Trusted by over 10,000 businesses around the world

Proton for Business offers secure email, calendar, and file storage to protect your business

Easy access to secure email for your team anywhere

Easy encryption

All emails exchanged within your business are automatically encrypted by default, no add-on or plugin required.

Mail apps

PGP encryption is automatically applied within your favorite email solution, like Outlook, Apple Mail, or Thunderbird. No need to retrain your team on a new tool.

On a browser or mobile

Proton Mail is also available on your web browser and through our iOS and Android apps.

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Proton changed their life

Ethan Word, IT Admin
Ethan Word
IT Admin
Satisfied ProtonMail customer since 2016

We use Proton Mail for our medical imaging practice. Migration from our self-hosted servers was seamless, and our team loves the simplicity of sending patient reports to and from our partners.

Michael Maynes, Partner
Michael Maynes
Satisfied Proton Mail customer since 2020

Previously, we had a Google account, which was then transferred through Outlook. It was constantly having issues and we wanted more security for our attorney and client data and communications. Proton Mail makes it easy. It just works.

Glen Sibbeston, Principal Engineer
Glen Sibbeston
Principal Engineer
Satisfied Proton Mail customer since 2018

I have just started an engineering consulting business. Being a startup I am somewhat sensitive to price, but I don't expect email to be a major expense. I simply need it to work — my plans and contracts get delivered to my clients. I also need access on both my computer and phone. With Proton Mail, I get all of that and the security is a bonus.


Comprehensive security and privacy for your business

Easily secure all your business communications, meetings, and documents with state-of-the-art encryption and advanced security features.