How to fix Proton Bridge login errors

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Common issues and questions

These are some common error messages you might run into when failing to log in. 

Proton Mail Bridge is exclusive to our paid plans. Upgrade your account to use Bridge.

To access the Proton Mail Bridge application, you need to subscribe to a paid Proton plan(new window) or to any Proton for Business(new window) plan. 

If you’re already on the Free plan, you can upgrade to a paid plan by logging into the web app at and going to Settings → All settings → Dashboard.

Incorrect login credentials

For Proton Mail Bridge on Linux, we support a range of [secret-services], e.g. GNOME keyring(new window) or a range of password managers, e.g. Pass(new window) or KeePassXC(new window). If you don’t have any of those, you might need to setup your account every time you start Bridge, as your vault would be locked and not accessible to the Bridge app.

For any other error that prevents you from logging in, please contact our Customer Support team(new window).

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