Labels in Bridge

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Using Bridge

In Proton Mail(new window), labels and folders(new window) are two tools to help organize your Mailbox. Proton Mail has seven default folders into which your emails can be sorted: All Mail, Inbox, Drafts, Sent, Starred, Archive, Spam, and Trash. Users can also create custom folders. Labels, on the other hand, are like tags that you can add to your emails.

The email clients supported by Bridge(new window) interpret Proton Mail labels as folders. So when you configure your Proton Mail account with your email client, your existing labels will appear as folders within the Labels folder.

(new window)

How to apply labels in Bridge

If you want to “label” a Proton Mail message in your email client, there are two ways to do so:

The first way is to move the message from its current folder to the desired label folder. Click and hold on the message, and drag it to the label folder.
(new window)

If you want to label the message without removing it from its current location, right click on the message, select Copy To and choose the label folder you want.

(new window)


In the email clients we support, labels are known as tags. Unfortunately, Bridge does not support tags. Therefore, if you tag messages in your email client, these will not be integrated with your Mailbox in Proton Mail.

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