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We’re going to upgrade the Proton Mail app for Android soon to improve its stability and reliability. But don’t worry, the app’s look and feel will remain the same. You can get a sneak peek by testing the beta version and reporting any issues before the app’s general release.

Note that we’re releasing this new beta outside the Google Play Store. This means you must be comfortable installing APK files on your device. This is primarily intended for tech-savvy users.

This is a pre-release version of the app, and it doesn’t include all the standard app’s features yet. We don’t recommend you rely on it for important work. However, you can use it alongside our current app to handle less critical email and let us know what we can do to make it even better.

Once we’ve gathered enough feedback, we’ll close the beta testing, so you can easily switch back to the current app.

How to join the new Proton Mail beta on Android

1. Download the latest beta version (updated November 1, 2023):

This SHA256 fingerprint of the signing certificate can be used to verify the downloaded APK:


2. Once downloaded, tap the notification to install the app. You may need to go to your Downloads tab, depending on your browser.

Open the Proton Mail APK

3. You may be prompted to give your browser permission to install the app. Tap Settings, and grant the permission to install apps. For your security, you may want to remove this permission once the app is installed.

4. Once installed, the app should appear in the app drawer. You can distinguish it from the current version of Proton Mail thanks to the beta tag on the icon.

When a new beta version is released, simply repeat the steps above.

Release Changelog — November 1, 2023


  • Your Proton Mail signature is added when sending messages.
  • You can archive, trash and reply to messages from notifications.
  • Attachments can be deleted from drafts.
  • You will receive push notifications when someone signs-in to your account on other devices.
  • Notifications are cleared when a message is read on another device.
  • An error message is displayed when sending a message fails.
  • An error message is displayed when the attachment size exceeds 25MB.

Upcoming features on the new Proton Mail Android beta

We’re working hard to make this new beta version of Proton Mail on Android as complete as the current version of the app. Below is a list of the features we’re still working on: 

  • Search
  • Swipe actions
  • Information banners (phishing, spam, etc.)
  • Selection mode
  • Contacts
  • Content settings (loading remote and embedded images)
  • Creating new folders and labels
  • Account signature

We’ll let you know by email when an update is available. You’ll need to download an APK file and manually install a new version.

How to give feedback and report bugs

As a beta tester, you’ll play a vital role in ensuring the app is ready before we release it to everyone. If you come across any issues or have suggestions for improvement, please don’t hesitate to let us know. You can report a bug directly from the app’s side menu under Report a bug.

Note that we haven’t brought over all the features from the existing app just yet, so take a look at the supported features above before submitting your feedback.

We appreciate your support and your willingness to be a part of our beta community. Your input is instrumental in making our Android app better.

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