How to manage Proton free personal email addresses

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Addresses and identities

A free personal address is the original email address that belongs to individual Proton Mail users.

Everyone on Proton Mail has at least one free personal address:

  • The original address you signed up with, which usually ends in or (like

You may also have the following free addresses:

  • A short version of this address ending in (, which you activated in settings. (Previously, it was possible for a limited time to activate your address with a Proton Free plan to receive emails only. Now you need a paid Proton plan to activate your short address.)
  • If you joined Proton before June 2022, you could get a free address ( for a limited time in addition to the original (or address you signed up with.
  • If you signed up before 2016, you also have a address.

If you activated your short address with a Proton Free plan, you can only receive emails at that address. If you want to send emails from your address, you’ll need to upgrade to a paid plan.

Learn more about types of email addresses(new window)

Managing your free personal addresses

You can’t disable your free personal addresses. But if you have more than one Proton Mail account, you can merge their addresses(new window) into a single account to send and receive mail from the same mailbox.

To edit your address display name or add a signature:

1. Log in to your account at and go to Settings → All settings → Identity and addresses → Display name and signature.

2. Enter your new display name or signature.

To get more addresses and other premium features, you can upgrade your Proton plan.

Learn how to upgrade your Proton plan(new window)

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