How to merge duplicate contacts in Proton Contacts

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When one of your contacts has more than one email address, duplicate entries may appear in your Proton Contacts. You can easily consolidate these duplicate contacts using the Merge feature.

1. Open your Contacts by clicking the Contacts icon in the top-right corner of the web app.

Contacts icon

2. Select the contacts you want to merge by clicking the initials square next to the contact’s name. (As seen in the example below, if your duplicate contacts have the same name you will be automatically prompted to merge them with a banner stating Multiple contacts look identical.)

Contacts menu showing contacts and multiple contacts look identical warning message

3. Click the Merge icon.

In the Merge contacts menu, you can use drag and drop (using the ≡ handle) to rank the priority of your contact’s email addresses, as well as deselect any addresses you do not wish to merge. Just bear in mind that the name of the contact at the top of the duplicate list will be used as the name of the merged contact.

Menu to rank the merging priority between contacts

If you want to remove some email addresses altogether (for example, if your contact no longer uses an older email address) you can select Mark for deletion from the dropdown menu under Actions.

Mark an email address to delete before you merge contacts

You can select Preview contact to see the final version of your contact and ensure the information is correct.

Preview of contact details before merging

4. Once you’re happy with the merged contact, click Merge.

Your contact will be updated and a notification will appear once the addresses have been merged.

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