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Email notifications

Waiting for an important email? Notifications allow you to ensure you stay on top of your Proton Mail inbox without constant monitoring of your account.

Proton Mail has three different types of notifications, so notifications in Proton Mail can refer to any one of the three types described below:

1. Email Notification(new window) – You can link an alternative email address to your Proton Mail secure email account by going to the settings page. If this option is enabled, we will send a message to your linked email address letting you know that your Proton Mail email account has received an email while you were offline.

2. Desktop notifications(new window) – Desktop notifications work on the browser version of Proton Mail. If this feature is enabled, if Proton Mail is open in your browser tab, whenever a new mail arrives in your inbox, a message will appear briefly in the bottom right corner of your desktop notifying you about the new message.

3. Mobile apps push notifications(new window) – If you are using Proton Mail’s iOS(new window) or Android(new window) encrypted email app, you will automatically receive push notifications on your mobile device when a new email arrives in your Proton Mail account (you can download all Proton Mail’s secure email apps on this page(new window)). If you encounter any problems receiving push notifications, please see here(new window).

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