What is the difference between Proton’s email domains?

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Addresses and identities

Proton has four different email domains that you can use to create email addresses:

  • @proton.me is the default domain for Proton Mail: You’ll be asked to create a @proton.me address (yourusername@proton.me) when you sign up.
  • @protonmail.com is an alternative domain that you can choose when you sign up or use to create additional addresses (yourusername@protonmail.com).
  • @pm.me is our short domain: You can activate your short email address(new window) (yourusername@pm.me) after you’ve signed up — if your username is available.
  • @protonmail.ch is our original Proton Mail domain: If you joined Proton before 2016, you have an additional free @protonmail.ch address (yourusername@protonmail.ch).

If you have a paid Proton plan, you can create additional addresses (aliases) using any Proton domain above or your own custom domain(new window) (@yourdomain.com).

Learn more about types of addresses and aliases(new window)

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