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Your passwords are some of your most sensitive personal information. They’re the keys that allow you to access your online accounts, be it your cloud storage, email inbox, or banking accounts. Proton Pass helps millions of people safeguard their pass
In recent months, we’ve brought a lot of big additions to the Proton ecosystem, such as Proton VPN for Business, Proton Sentinel, Password Sharing in Proton Pass, and Proton Drive photo backups in beta. By comparison, we haven’t said a lot about Prot
Most email addresses use the default domain provided by their email service. For Proton Mail accounts, it’s For Gmail, it’s These are usually free and work just fine for most people. But there are situations where it makes sens
Proton Drive MacOS launch
Cloud storage is a critical piece of our mission to build an internet that protects your privacy and secures your data. It’s where you keep your most sensitive files, from personal photos to identity documents. Unfortunately, the leading cloud storag
How to password protect a folder
Putting a password on your folders is a great way to protect sensitive files while they’re on your system. It’s pretty easy to do regardless of your operating system, and this article will take you through each step. Note though, that password prote
What is encryption?
Encryption is a way to hide information so private data is kept that way. Without encryption, anybody could access your communications. In this article, we go over how it works and some of the different types of encryption there are. The short expla
Today, the European Parliament voted on the regulation commonly known as “chat control”, laying down rules to prevent and combat child sexual abuse material. Earlier drafts of this bill had posed a severe threat to encryption and privacy, but recent
Stop the Online Safety Bill
On October 26, the UK Parliament passed the Online Safety Act, giving Ofcom, the UK’s telecoms regulator, broad powers to search for, find, and suppress harmful media and speech by scanning the internet and, despite widespread condemnation from the t
Is Dropbox secure?
Dropbox is one of the biggest names in cloud storage, which is why you might be surprised to learn it doesn’t use the most secure encryption algorithms and doesn’t protect your privacy. While Dropbox is secure from outside attack, it has suffered da
is microsoft edge password manager safe
Like most browsers, Microsoft Edge has a built-in password manager. Can you trust it, though? Is Microsoft Edge password manager safe? Overall, while Microsoft Edge password manager seems safe at first, there are some issues with the way it handles
Each year since 2018, the Proton community has raised funds to support nonprofits that align with our mission through our Lifetime Account Charity Fundraiser. With your support, we’ve donated around $2 million to organizations working to build a bett