Meet the Proton Mail Customer Support Team

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The single most important part of Proton Mail is our incredible community who has supported us from the start. This is why we are committed to providing the highest quality of support for all Proton Mail users. Feedback from the community is very important to us, which is why we have intentionally made the Report Bug feature easy to find.

The Proton Mail support team consists of members in both Europe and North America who provide support 24 hours a day, 6 days a week. Today, we spoke with some members of the Proton Mail Support Team to share their insight into how they are supporting over 1 million users.

Proton Mail Support by the Numbers: 95797 tickets received

With us today are Alex, Violeta, Natasha, and Jovan.

Alex, as head of the support team, can you give us some idea about what tasks the support team is responsible for?

Alex R: Customer support (CS) is a bit of a misnomer at Proton Mail. The CS team is responsible for everything that isn’t software development. This also includes Quality Assurance, Public Relations, Sales, Social Media and even some technical functions. Of course we are also responsible for answering all questions from the Proton Mail community, both individually and through developing the Knowledge Base that allows users to find instant answers to their questions.

What are some examples of the non support work the CS team does?

Alex R: We maintain many of the Proton Mail social media pages and communication with potential business users.

Natasha: The support team is also involved in some front end web development and we also contribute code. Everybody on the support team has a technical background.

What advice do you have for users who need help with Proton Mail?

Jovan: I always recommend going to our Support site first ( We have actually spent a lot of time working on that site and designed it so that most users can find the answer to their questions within a few seconds. If you don’t find the answer, you can also directly contact us from the support site.

Violeta: Proton Mail doesn’t yet have a user forum, but there is a very active community on Reddit ( where it is possible to get many questions answered either by our team or other Proton Mail users.

Alex R: The fastest way to reach us is through the contact form on Through that support form, we can give priority to Proton Mail Plus users, and get back to you faster than if you email us.

What is the best part of your job?

Natasha: The first thing is the satisfaction of the customers when they reply that we have helped them to resolve the trouble they are experiencing.

Violeta:  The best part is the work environment and the people we are working with. Proton Mail is built by amazing and friendly people.

How does the support team work with the rest of the Proton Mail team?

Alex: Proton Mail has a flat team structure where everybody has the ability to directly discuss an issue with anybody else. The support team works very closely with the developers. This allows bugs to be identified, patched, and the deployed to production quickly, sometimes in less than an hour.

What do you do when you aren’t helping the Proton Mail community?

Natasha: When I am not helping the Proton Mail community, I  enjoy singing, traveling, and watching football, movies and TV shows of any kind. I used to play a lot of video games when I was a kid, but now I am only sticking to DOTA 2.

Violeta: I am a big fan of science fiction, fantasy movies and first person shooters. My favorite shooting game is Counter Strike. Usually we are playing in teams on the weekends. I am a big fan of cars, especially Mustangs.

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You can meet the rest of the Proton Mail team here:

Did you receive great support from Proton Mail?

If you have had any experiences with the Proton Mail support team, feel free to let us know in the comments! If you got great support from our team, feel free to buy them a coffee!

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