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Gmail forwarding makes finding and protecting your emails easier

Once you’ve created your Proton Mail account, you might still choose to keep your Gmail account active to ensure you don’t miss any messages. This used to mean checking two inboxes and exposing some of your messages to email trackers. Not anymore.

You can now automatically receive the emails sent to your Gmail address in your secure Proton Mail inbox. It just takes a click, and we’ll do the rest. We also remove trackers from these forwarded emails and protect your privacy with our zero-access encryption(new window).

Keep track of your emails in one place

If you previously used Gmail, you might still occasionally check your old inbox to avoid missing important emails. That’s why we built our Gmail forwarding feature. Now you can easily check all your Gmail messages with Proton Mail. 

No need to search multiple inboxes for the one message you’re looking for. It also means any custom filters or rules you put in place in Proton Mail will apply to all your emails, helping you avoid unwanted messages and organize your inbox just the way you want.

Block trackers and data harvesting for a safer email experience

Having all your emails sent to Proton Mail also protects your privacy in three ways:

  1. Unlike Gmail, Proton Mail also protects you from the billions of email trackers that are sent every day. Earlier this year, we discovered that 50% of all emails contain a tracking pixel(new window). Marketing companies and data brokers insert these trackers in your emails to find out when you opened an email, where you were when you opened it, what device you used to read it, and more. Proton Mail blocks known email trackers by default, making your email experience safer. 
  2. Additionally, all messages forwarded from Gmail are stored on Proton Mail with zero-access encryption, just like any of your Proton Mail messages.
  3. Finally, by not opening and reading your emails in a Gmail app, you avoid having Google monitor all your inbox activity. For example, the Apple App Store privacy labels show that the iOS Gmail app collects over 50 different pieces of private information(new window) when you use the app, including your location, message search history, contacts, and more.

By forwarding your Gmail messages to Proton, you not only save time by having all your emails in one easy-to-use inbox, you also protect more of your information from being tracked.

Start forwarding your Gmail messages

You can quickly set up automatic Gmail forwarding with Easy Switch. It will simply ask you to log in to your Google account. Once that’s done, Easy Switch will forward any email sent to your Gmail address to your secure Proton Mail inbox. 

You can also import your old emails, ensuring all your messages are conveniently available and fully protected.

Secure your emails, protect your privacy
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