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Proton Mail v1.7.0 iOS release notes

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We have released version 1.7 of the award winning Proton Mail iOS secure email mobile app. This release brings a new feature that has been much demanded from the user community, the ability to share directly to the Proton Mail App.


Select Proton Mail to send encrypted video from photos app

Proton Mail has long supported encrypted attachments(new window). Now, you can share files securely directly from the app the file is in by selecting the “Share” option within the app. When selecting Proton Mail from the list of apps, you have the opportunity to share this file end-to-end encrypted through the Proton Mail App.

In case you cannot see Proton Mail in the list of apps when looking to share a file, you can hit More and then enable Proton Mail by switching the toggle button to green, like shown below.

Please consider supporting Proton Mail by upgrading to a paid plan(new window). Your support allows us to continue to develop Proton Mail encrypted email as free and open source software(new window).

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Furthermore, it is still possible to register for the Proton Mail Mobile Beta Program. Not only is this a great way to support Proton Mail, you will be able to get early access to the newest mobile features before they are publicly available.

Full release notes

New features

  • Add share feature: users can now share through Proton Mail from Photos, Safari, and Third party apps.
  • Update localization for share option
  • Add new language Portuguese Brazil
  • iOS 11 compatibility changes

Bug fixed

  • Fix attachments display issues
  • Fix touch ID UI related issue
  • Fix toast message bug
  • Fix issue when sending email to custom domains
  • Fix the issue when replying to an email
  • Fix when forwarding an email the email content has issue
  • Fix some iOS 11 device crashes when saving images
  • Fix UI compatibility iPhone X
  • Fix outside encrypt message parsing issue
  • Fix alert dialog or toast message UI
  • Fix login performance issue
  • Fix bold system text causes issue with the messages info
  • Fix message counter


  • Update localization strings for other languages
  • Improved the keychain storage by adding double layer password encryption
  • Improved webview performance and stability
  • Improved cache clearing
  • Improved save draft behavior
  • Improved HTML security

This build will force users to log out of the app because we are improving the security of how Proton Mail credentials are saved on iOS so there is less need to trust the device. The local cache will be cleared automatically.

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