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Proton Mail is designed to guard against a broad range of threats. But there is no such thing as perfect security. This threat model describes the threats Proton Mail can and cannot counter. Updated Nov. 18, 2019, to remove reference to an outdated
Illustration of Proton and Switzerland
Updated June 6, 2019 We are often asked why Proton is based in Switzerland and whether there are real advantages to being a Swiss company. We believe there are several good reasons to call Switzerland home, and this article explains why. Proton’s r
Since Proton Mail beta was launched 3 days ago, we have been met with a overwhelming response from around the world. In fact, the response was a little too overwhelming as we have completely maxed out our server capacity. As a result, we are sad to a
To further protect the Proton Community, Proton Mail utilizes only high-strength ciphers for SSL and TLS. We are posting our ciphersuite configurations for Postfix and Apache here for reference, we recommend all system administrators adopt these set
January 12th 2015 update: As part of the version 1.12 deploy, we have improved our notification system.  You can now toggle notification on or off in the settings page while keeping the outside email for password recovery purposes.  If you have new
UDPATE 5/19/2014: Due to very high demand, we have had to temporarily halt new user signups as we increase server capacity and security. For more information, click here. The long wait and anticipation is finally over! Today, we’re happy to announce
Quite an exciting weekend, we finally got the interview date/time for our MassChallenge pitch. We will be pitching to the judges this coming Wednesday for a shot at entering the finals. MassChallenge is quite possibly the world’s largest start-up ac
On Saturday, Proton Mail went to pitch at StartupJackpot Boston and managed to finish in second place out of the 15 teams that were picked to pitch. StartupJackpot is a new grass roots startup competition that is relatively new to the scene. The ide
We are happy to announce the release of Proton Mail v1.04. As usual, please completely clear your browser cache to make sure you load the latest version of Proton Mail. Bug Fixes * Forwarded attachment is now taken into the calculation of storage
Yesterday, Co-Founders Wei Sun and I had a brief opportunity to meet with renowned security expert Bruce Schneier at MIT. Bruce was around to give a talk for the MIT IEEE/ACM Joint Seminar Series and we were on campus to meet with a couple MIT based
A couple days ago, one of the first reviews of Proton Mail showed up on the web, the review I’m referring to can be found here: We were actually a bit surprised t