Privacy Basics

Email protocols explained IMAP and SMTP are protocols used by email clients to send and receive secure emails.  POP3 is a legacy standard that is used less and less often these days. * SMTP * IMAP * POP3 * APIs * Proton Mail and SMTP, IMAP, an
If you are doing research into data privacy laws, you will eventually come across the terms “personally identifiable information” and “personal data”. We explain what those terms mean, how they are different, and what you can do to protect your PII o
Most of us created our first email addresses when we were teenagers using the internet for the first time. Unfortunately, some of these email addresses consist of childhood nicknames, names of pets, and other awkward monikers, causing us embarrassmen
Since our launch in 2014, our vision has been to build an internet where privacy is the default. For us, this not only means empowering people with the right tools to defend their online privacy, but also encouraging safe and responsible use of the i
There are lots of instances when you want to send the same email to multiple people. Sometimes, you want everyone to be part of the conversation and see each other’s responses. Other times, you want to send the same email to multiple people, but you
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Everything you need to know about cloud computing. Before the internet, your computer performed all its computing tasks locally. Your computer’s CPU and memory (etc.) were used to process information that was also stored locally (for example, on you
Your personal data is the currency of the digital age. With every click, swipe, and like, you produce a wealth of information about yourself that companies track and collect, making it crucial to protect your online privacy. However, have you thought
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This post was updated on December 2, 2022 Learn about unsolicited messages sent in bulk by email, how to identify and prevent them, and how spam email filters work. What is spam email? What is the purpose of spam emails? Are spam emails dangerous?
Privacy policies explain how organizations collect and secure your personal information, but few people read them. Here’s how to quickly check a privacy policy to take back control of your data. When you last bought something online, you may have gl
From holiday photos to our purchasing history to personal correspondences, our emails contain a great deal of sensitive information. It is therefore vital to keep your inbox and messages secure. This is more difficult than it first appears, as email
With the proliferation of smartphones and social media, cyberstalking is on the rise. Compared to traditional stalking, cyberstalking can be a more threatening form of aggression as cyberstalkers can hide behind the anonymity of the internet and terr