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Privacy basics

If you’re switching from an iPhone to an Android phone, you’ll want to transfer all your data to your new device. Google, Samsung, and other Android-based smartphone companies try to make it easy for you to switch.  Android offers two main ways to t
What is the CAN-SPAM Act?
Understand the law to help you beat spam emails and comply if you run a business. The CAN-SPAM Act is the US federal law on commercial emails. For consumers, it allows you to opt out of receiving marketing messages and helps you control annoying and
With the proliferation of the internet came the menace of bots. CAPTCHAs (Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart) were introduced as a countermeasure to differentiate between genuine human users and automated scrip
How to stop spam emails
Learn how to beat annoying and potentially harmful junk mail. Spam emails, also known as junk mail, can be more than just irritating clutter in your inbox. Cybercriminals can use these unsolicited and unwanted messages to launch phishing attacks and
Excel spreadsheets often contain information you want to keep safe, from personal data to financial information. For businesses, you may be legally required to protect Excel files with a password if you fall under GDPR or HIPAA jurisdiction, for exam
What is email security?
Learn about email security and simple ways to secure your mailbox against cyberthreats. From intimate letters to purchase receipts, financial information to doctor’s notes, our mailboxes are a trove of personal information. You don’t want to share a
When you need to store digital files, you have two basic options: cloud storage and physical storage. Cloud storage lets you save files over the internet on servers operated by a cloud storage provider. These companies typically make backup copies o
What is data privacy?
Data privacy means keeping your personal data to yourself and controlling who you share it with. From social media to search, shopping, and streaming, we all share vast amounts of personal data daily in the digital economy. As AI becomes integrated
Cloud storage is extremely safe. It’s arguably less risky than physical storage on your local device. But that doesn’t mean there are no security risks. We’ve identified a few key risks you should be aware of and explain how to mitigate them. 1. Acc
The way most people share photos online is not private. Even if you search “share photos online privately”, the top results offer options like Facebook and Google Photos. These companies have access to your pictures, and Google Photos even scans and
How to block emails
Learn how to stop unwanted emails on Gmail, Outlook, Proton Mail, and other major email services. Whether to stop spam, prevent phishing, block a stalker, or just better control your overflowing inbox, we all need to block unwanted messages at times