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Privacy basics

What is Authenticated Received Chain (ARC)?
ARC allows email providers to verify that emails are genuine when they’re forwarded or sent from a mailing list. We all suffer from spam, and anyone can fall victim to phishing. And if you have your own email domain (like, fraudsters
In the same way you can encrypt your emails or back up your digital documents in an encrypted vault, you can also encrypt your pictures so that no one else can access them. This article explains what image encryption means, why you might want your p
Zero-knowledge cloud storage is the most secure way to store files and folders online. It uses strong encryption protocols, including end-to-end encryption, so that no one but you can access your data. Many popular cloud storage services, such as Go
What is U2F?
U2F security keys help to keep your online accounts secure even if your passwords are compromised. Passwords alone aren’t enough to secure your online accounts. Too many passwords are easy for hackers to crack, and even if you use unique, strong pas
Alternartive search engines to Google
Google records everything you do as you use its search engine and other apps. Here are some alternative search engines that respect your privacy. With around 90% of the search engine market share worldwide and billions of daily searches, Google rema
Sharing digital content with others is an essential part of our daily lives. From sending an interesting news article to a friend to showcasing your portfolio to a client, there are countless scenarios where link sharing is the quickest and most conv
What is a digital signature?
A digital signature on a document is like a virtual fingerprint that verifies the identity of the person or entity that signed it. Unlike handwritten signatures, which you can easily forge, digital signatures are highly secure because they’re protec
Whether it’s personal documents such as your birth certificate or confidential business files like work contracts, we all have sensitive documents we need to store securely. With so many storage options available, it’s important to understand the dif
At Proton Mail, your security is our number one priority. Normally, this means protecting your inbox from unauthorized outside access. However, rather than trying to hack your software, phishing emails try to hack you. By spoofing emails from trusted
Learn all about email clients and why you might use one instead of webmail. If you’ve used an app like Gmail on your mobile phone or Outlook on your computer, you’ve used an email client. We explain how an email client works and the pros and cons of
anonymous email
No email service is completely anonymous. Learn how to send an email as anonymously as possible using private email, aliases, and a VPN or Tor. Do you need to send an email without revealing who you are? Unfortunately, you can’t just sign up for a f