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Update Dec 14, 2015 – We are happy to announce that Android/iOS beta slots are available again!

A year ago, we had a record breaking Indiegogo campaign which provided us with the funds to begin development of the mobile apps. To thank those early supporters, we will first roll out the mobile app beta to our Indiegogo Lifetime, Visionary, and Mobile level contributors. The first batch of invites will go out later today and they should all be sent out by the end of this weekend.

For the mobile app beta, we will be using Apple Testflight and Google Play beta. Due to the limitations of Apple Testflight, we are unfortunately limited to just 1000 beta testers. We will need to limit the Android beta to a similar size in order to keep the beta efficient and as short as possible.

As the beta is not yet fully subscribed, we will open the remaining slots to people who missed our crowdfunding campaign. That means starting today, we will make the Mobile perk from our crowdfunding campaign available again.

If you like to get early access to the Proton Mail iOS and Android mobile apps, you can make a $29 donation through our donation page here:

This will support our efforts to continue to develop Proton Mail as free and open source software while also being fair to the contributors who donated last year.

We will send out the next batch of invites on August 27th and every Thursday thereafter. Space is limited to 1000 users for both iOS and Android so when all beta slots are taken, we will update this page to say that we are at capacity.

We anticipate the mobile apps will be in beta for a couple months before going public in the app stores. For questions about our beta, please email us at

Media Inquiries – We have reserved a small number of beta slots for members of the press. To get access, please email

Best Regards,
The Proton Mail Team

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