Want to test new Proton Mail features first? Proton Mail beta is back!

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Last March, Proton Mail launched out of beta. This March, we’re bringing back Proton Mail Beta so you can test new Proton Mail features before they are released.

Today, we’re announcing the immediate availability of a new site, mail.proton.me where we will be hosting experimental releases of Proton Mail. As many of you probably recall, Proton Mail spent over two years in beta before it was finally released to the world in March 2016. During our original beta, we worked closely with our user community to refine and develop Proton Mail into the world’s best secure email service.

As a community driven project, Proton Mail’s development path has always been driven by the user community, and the beta site will serve as a way for interested members of the Proton Mail community to provide feedback on new features prior to public release. Anybody can access the Proton Mail beta site, and mail.proton.me will qualify for our security bug bounty program.

Note, there is also an existing Proton Mail Mobile Beta Program, which will continue to be actively maintained and supported by the Proton Mail Team.

Release Notes and Feedback

At the bottom of this post, we will be publishing up to date release notes for the Proton Mail beta releases. The Proton Mail version can always be found in the bottom left corner of the web app. Feedback on beta features and beta versions can be provided in the comments below, or they can be discussed on social media:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ProtonMail
Reddit: https://reddit.com/r/ProtonMail
Facebook: https://facebook.com/ProtonMail

As before, requests for new features can be proposed and voted on, in the Proton Mail feedback forum:


Reporting Bugs

Note, mail.proton.me will be hosting experimental builds, which are more likely to have bugs, as beta builds generally undergo less strenuous testing. If you find a bug in Proton Mail Beta, please let us know using the report bug feature built into Proton Mail:

Get Updates!

If you would like to get updates by email whenever a new beta build is available, you can sign up for the Proton Mail Beta newsletter under Settings –> Account:

Theme Developers

For the Proton Mail custom theme developer community, mail.proton.me will serve as a tool to test your theme on new Proton Mail builds before they go public, so your custom theme can be tweaked to account for any new features or CSS changes. We will also try our best to detail any new CSS changes in beta builds of Proton Mail in the release notes below.

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